Thursday, May 31, 2007

Paris More Art

This statue is trying to rest its junk on my head, I'm not amused.
Mary's tomb is where?
Matisse paints a lot. My mind is blown.
You mean we were in the Picasso museum for an hour and didn't take any pictures? Me in the courtyard of the Picasso museum moments before finding a smoked joint.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eiffel Tower: The Big Phallic Lie

Happy man, Big historic tower, what's wrong with this picture? The damn thing is brown, tan to be precise. Where is the big black tower that I've been envisioning all these years. The Eiffel Tower is dead to me now. Notice the smile on my face, I'm in denial at this point.
This picture was taken later in the day, notice how the tower appears black. At this point I've moved on to anger.
Here i am at the Palais De Tokyo while the tower mocks me in the background. At this point in in the paranoid stage.
Stupid tan monument.

Monday, May 28, 2007


This gay Da Vinci painting was funny. The Louvre.
I usually don't look that bored when there are boobs around.
Neon is cool.
G! look out.

Boobs, where? Picasso museum.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Paris Shoes

Those of you that know me knew this post was coming. There are a lot of great shoe shops in Paris but apparently we were there to see other, older things but i did manage to make it to a few shops.I ended up getting this pair of Pro Lawn Adidas. This is part of the European graffiti artist collection end to end. My shoes were done by UK artist SKORE. Black and Brown, lasered piece on the side and the same design on the footbed and as you can see, the laces are also done.
Nike Paris was something else. They have a Nike ID studio on the bottom floor. After almost getting a pair of Air Max 360s from the kite series i opted for a sweet Nike Paris Cap.
G! loved Nike Paris so much she insisted we have a cup of coffee at the cafe next door so she could bask in its glory.
We also hit Adidas in Paris, according to a sign at the store, it is the largest Adidas store in the world. I somehow stumbled across Opium without even trying. They had an amazing collection of OG Jordans. We were also able to find Colette which was an amazing store. It is mainly a clothing boutique that skew "street" but they had a nice selection of hard to find shoes including the new European version of the talaria from Nike.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Modest Mouse Video/ Random Stuff

The street art site Wooster Collective has a great Video created for a Modest Mouse contest. Check it out, it's rare that such original stuff makes it to the Mtv. Phil and i were talking about the new Modest Mouse album a few days ago and i think we would both give it the thumbs up. They may have let me down in concert but their albums continue to impress.

You need to stop here and check out the greatest rap of 07, respect. I need a couch.

What would Jesus Blog comes through with another hilarious post, do not attempt to drink anything while watching the video. Watch the whole video and prepare for the break down.

I remember loving this Harvey Danger song several years ago, The Assimilated Negro brings a great home made video. And one more from TAN.


The next several posts will probably be about France so tune out if you aren't down with our French speaking friends. Graffiti was everywhere.This is tile, it made the news a few years ago. There were several examples of this but this one was in the best shape.
kinda looks like famed French artist WK doesn't it?
These are all examples of the paste up style that was pretty prevalent in the more heavily traveled parts of the city.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

25 years

At work on Saturday I noticed that Transworld's 25th anniversary issue was on the newstand, I picked it up opened it and the first picture I saw was a picture that had been on my wall for years when I was a kid. I bought the issue, took it home and read through the entire issue at one sitting. I lived in a transworld skateboarding household as a child. I brought a thrasher home once and my mother went ballistic so Thrasher was the magazine I read at school. Transworld was the magazine stacked all over my room with the especially rad pictures torn out and taped to the ever changing collage on my wall. It was the magazine I poured over each month. The 25th anniversary issue brought back a lot of great memories. It's funny that my kids have all recently shown an interest in skateboarding.
Note the Vision shorts, the sweet glasses and the bitchin grip tape job on the board.


Busy week, Arcade fire this weekend and then off to Paris. Today i gripped a skateboard and printed up new t-shirts got G! and I. Here are a few of the songs that i overplayed this week.
Download - Cold War Kids - Hang me out to dry
Download - Art Brut - Good Weekend
Download - Rancid - Ruby Soho

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Beirut Elephant Gun

My favorite Beirut song has a video that is pretty sweet. I admit that i've probably overplayed it in the last few weeks but i love the song Elephant gun. Make sure you watch at least until the 1:20 mark, the dance sequence is awesome.

p.s. What would Jesus Blog has a bunch of female done covers that i've spent way too much time listening to.
p.p.s It's been up for awhile but check out False 45ths review of the Clap your hands show. Brilliant.