Friday, February 27, 2009

The Switch

Phil got me a great Chrome messenger bag so I had to do a switch, I was a little amazed at how much stuff I had in there. Here's the rundown, clockwise :
1. Baby wipes (my kids attracted dirt before we moved to a city where they could touch things that 4 million other people had touched)
2. Lemon wipes (anytime I'm offered these at a restaurant I take them).
3. Emergency scarf (It seems like it's 10 degrees cooler in the 15th)
4. The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln (He haunts me).
5. Tissues and Handkerchief (We are a snotty bunch)
6. Plastic bag (There is no such thing as a doggy bag in France and with my kids ordering trackrecord...)
7. Green squishy thing (Dylan needs this from time to time)
8. Tickets to the Miro/Picasso exhibit (That's cool right?)
9. I.D. for Dylan
10. Metro tickets and my Navgo card (because you've gotta get around)
11. Sunglasses
12. Water
13. Moleskine (I have two because one is full but has addresses and stuff that I need)
14. Paris map (even Parisians carry these.)
15. A tiny compass (this thing comes in handy)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ryan and Mandy sittin in a tree

Well several semi credible sources are reporting that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore are engaged. I for one think that's great, he's awesome, she's wicked hot and i assume they are both happy so more power to them. It isn't a shock, they've been seen together off and on for at least a year and if she is part of the reason that he's cleaned up and seemingly got his shit together then god bless her.
Now the important thing is what does this mean for his music career that was (possibly) being put on hold? I'd guess that this will have a positive effect on his desire to make music although we may not see him on the road as much as in the past. Mandy seems like a very centered, level headed woman and that is just what he needs. I'm also a little excited about what this means for her music career, she has a great voice and his influence could really push her in a direction that RA fans would appreciate. Now about getting an invite to the wedding...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mike Giant's Rebel 8

Rebel 8 has their new season for sale on line, here are my favorites. The new Goat Hedz bike club shirt is awesome.
The Black Flag Bars logo is a classic and this is a great take on it.
Another great bike themed shirt. Mike rocks the eagles.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Of Montreal at La Bataclan

Of Montreal rolled into la Bataclan last week and we were there to join the party.
I've mentioned what a great venue la Bataclan is, my biggest gripe, the beer. Kronenberg, a not too great French beer is all that have but you can get wine in a fancy plastic cup. Here Robbie displays one of each.
Becca and Robbie joined us at the show. Count the drinks.
Of Montreal put on a pretty amazing show. The music is perfect for dancing but the stage show was so crazy that you never want to look away and miss something. The band sounded great but the showmanship was the best part of the evening, there was just so much going on.
I don't know many song names but they played, Gronlandic edit, Wicked Wisdom, She's a Rejector, Bunny ain't no kind of rider, For our elegant caste and a bunch of others before ending with Take Me Out, a Franz Ferdinand cover.
Check out the bird headed judges beside Kevin.

I was amazed that he was such a good guitarist, a couple of the songs really rocked live.
This devil being worshiped by the pig was a catholic priest just moments before.
Kevin being carried by red faced things.
Kevin, now shirtless, and the red things.
Surrounded and embraced by the red things.
The white tiger has found the pig.
Sorry this picture is so bad but this is Kevin wearing an outfit that created its own smoke.
Kevin dressed in whip cream.

Everyone up on stage for Take Me Out.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


A couple of great shirts available here at Print Liberation.

I love this jacket by King Kog, in fact, they have a lot of great bikecentric clothing.