Thursday, February 22, 2007


Sometimes i wonder why i like music so much. I've had plenty of interests through the years but nothing has lasted so long or stayed as strong as my obsession with music. I used to say that music had to have a good melody for me to love it but i quickly learned the value of noise. I also used to think that lyrics had a big role in why i liked music, but what about instrumentals and foreign language bands like Malajube. The Beat used to be all important(I am a drummer for pete's sake) but what about the guy all alone with an amazing voice and a lightly plucked guitar. I guess what really gets me about music is the emotion involved. The emotion in music can be achieved using all of the above or none of the above and that's a large part about what's so amazing and incomprehensible about music.
Time for some French- Canadian goodness. If lyrics are a huge part of your listening enjoyment and you don't speak French then this probably isn't the band for you. The all French disc Trompe l'oeil is worth a listen no matter what language you speak. This is good poppy indie rock, in French. Check out the videos on their official site.
Download - Malajube - Pate Filo
Download - Majajube - Montreal 40

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