Friday, April 28, 2006

Dunk NL

Look at what's on sale at it's the cheapest i've ever seen dunks. Scot, have you ever worn an nl(no liner)? Are they comfy?
These are my favorites. I guess since i have a pair of shoes in the mail i won't worry about these.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

World cup excitement

Here is the Air Force One Invisible Girl. It's part of the Fantastic Four Pack. Really makes you reevaluate your sock drawer doesn't it?
I've got to say that I'm getting excited about the upcoming world cup. I firmly believe that Bruce will pull us through the first round with some strategic brilliance. Ryan and I had lunch today and while we were eating we saw a 10 second world cup commercial that I think said that all 64 matches would be televised on espn or espn 2, that means hi def!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Road to Joy

This person is dedicated.
Look behind you Elvis!
Time to geek out for a minute and check out this site dedicated to the guitars Elvis performed with. I spent way too much time here, actually I read everything. Enjoy.

I have a lot of my Elvis stuff in my classroom(apparently the mantel isn't the best place for Elvis stuff) and every year I get several kids that ask me if I like him. Stupid kids.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Suddenly Everything has changed

LB taken a piss in the yard, I taught him that. I guess tonight he kicked it up a notch and took a shit on the deck. How do you teach kids where to draw the line?

Do you ever get on ebay and bid on things that you know you have no chance of winning just to see how many times you can bid before your the winner for a few minutes? Well sometimes that game backfires. Behold my latest(accidental) purchase the Air Jordan IV, my favorite design wise of the entire Jordan line. The Jordan IV is my absolute favorite due to sentimental reasons. I got these for a relatively ridiculously low price, still more than I usually spend on shoes. I went to bed not expecting that I would be the winner but the next morning lo and behold I'd won. I had to tell G!(something that frankly worried me since I'd bought a pair of shoes two weeks ago) but she was cool about it. Don't worry, it won't become a habit.

Scot - what do you think? I know you don't like white shoes but I think these look better in white than in black. Not as cool as the undefeated colorway but who has the money for those?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Photo Update

The Mute math t-shirt, notice the keytar with the MM on it. The screen is wraparound and on the other side is a picture of the band.
The shed floor notice the original pressboard on the left, the oak hardwood on the right and the pine planks below. I moved everything back in so it is dirty once again.
The working title shirt with the chicken/rabbit, creepy.

Chloe is in Colorado for the next five days. I miss her already. I think she'll always like me.

Sonic Youth to play Cain's

That's right kids the Cain's Ballroom website now has Sonic Youth listed for a June 21st date. Tickets will be on sale May 5th.

Our man G Love will also be back in the saddle at Cain's on May 28th.

YellowCard loved by teens everywhere is playing on June 14th.

Lastly Built to Spill (who recently cancelled a gig in Tulsa) is on for Sept. 21st. I'll probably be in Vermont at that point but i recently heard You In Reverse and was very impressed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

$10 t-shirts

Ryan and I made it to the MuteMath show last night. I had to work so things were looking a bit iffy but I had a majorly shitty day and was determined to get to that show.

We rolled into the Cains just in time to see Mute Math take the stage. The crowd was really big for a midweek show in Tulsa, I figured that it would be a small turn out, once again proving that I have no concept of what is cool. I really need to just throw this fact out there right off, the lead singer had a keytar on! You could really stop reading right here secure in the knowledge that it was a great show based solely on that one small fact.
We also noted that the drummer was not in the traditional spot(behind the rest of the band) but instead was right up front next to the bassist. We quickly heard why, the drummer is the star of the fucking show! He was absolutely amazing. I went back and listened to the CD again today and in the studio you can hear the drums but live they are way up front. One of the highlights was the drum solo that involved carrying the high hat around the stage while he played it and then rocking out on an upside down stool and a mic stand. It was awesome.

The lead singer was also a mighty presence on stage. Besides the aforementioned keytar he played keyboards, a pie plate and some weird thing that looked like the neck of a guitar attached to an effects pedal. He also jumped over a lot of stuff like the drum kit, his keyboard and a stool. Unfortunately since we were in such a hurry to get to the show I forgot to grab my camera.

Soniclly Mute Math are very impressive live. They are really tight musicians and each do their thing well. When I listen I hear a coldplay thing happening as far as the scope of the music and maybe a bit of Gomez in that they can really take these beautiful songs and rock them out all that and they sounded a little electro English. All that and they are from New Orleans. Did I mention that they played the instrumental track off of the album? When was the last time a band played an instrumental? All in all it was a great show.

Whoa, I didn't mention the cheap shirts. Both Mute Math and The Working Title had cheap shirts. I don't think I've seen a shirt for $10 since Ben Kweller's night cats tour. And both bands had multiple well designed shirts, bravo for going the extra mile.

Download Mute Math - Typical

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Can you believe this man is going to have a child?
I'm almost done with the floor of the shed, it is a monstrosity. It's just a shed so I'm not really worried about how it looks so I decided to just use leftover lumber that I had sitting around. So the floor starts out with nice oak flooring that was left over from when we redid the floor in the house then it goes to some pine boards that I have from a bookshelf I destroyed then it goes to some decking left from the deck after that I'll have to use fencing. It should be pretty. I'll take a picture tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

try again

I tried but I guess my last post was too ambiguous to be considered "gay" so I'm posting this picture to clear my head and then it's back to square one. Sorry Dave.
p.s. G! has this exact outfit.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Something for everyone

Hey Dave, I wouldn't gay up my site for just anyone.


This weekend was too busy to recount but one this really stands out, Scot stopped by on Saturday. When was the last time I'd see him(G! post that fact for me please)? Unfortunately I was on in between the ACT and work so I only got two talk for maybe 10 minutes. Anywho two things stand out about the encounter.
1. He was rocking the "golddiggers(pictured below)(I was embarrassed to be in a pair of well worn "Blue Ribbons") and I quickly realized that photographs of this shoe do not do it justice. Youshould have seen those things in the sunlight, amazing. Can you tell from the picture that there is like shiny gold foil behind the mesh?

2. Scot's artwork is unbelievable. He dropped of a catalogue from that Survival of the Fittest show that I blogged about some time ago. I believe there were 13 different artist in the show and Scot's work really stood out, that kid can get his art on. If I had some money I would have the picture with the scarebs in it on my wall right now. Well maybe not right now but it would be in the process of being shipped as we speak.

If we end up moving to San Fran I'm sure you'll see Scot and I in line to buy shoes at some point if you're in the area bring us a couple of burritos.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


It's been a very busy day.

I saw this and thought "boobs" and then i thought "Vosse likes guns and Boobs". This is something Cash, a celebrity in France apparently.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Not much to say

Yesterday Chloe made up a new rule for the van "no skipping Arcade Fire songs". I just wanted to listen to The Trapeze Swinger but i did end up abiding by the new rule.
Liam was "sick" earlier in the week and had to come up and stay with G! and i at school. He saw this picture and said "My Steve is silly, and that's Joe!"
Does anyone have a copy of UHF? That movie rules.
Moz's new album Ringleader of the tormentors has been in heavy rotation at our house. I preordered mine and it showed up at the house on Tuesday wrapped in a fabulously gay Morrissey t-shirt. The new album is beyond great but you already knew that.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So wrong

Can you believe how wrong this picture is? I mean three cigarettes? That rabbit will have cancer in a matter of months.

L.A. AF1's

I have no doubt that we will see Scot in a pair of these L.A. Air Force Ones. Too Perfect.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The simple life

I don't live in a big city. Life here is pretty calm, not a lot happens out of the ordinary. The majority of those that live here are white red neck republicans, in all honestly the paper recently published a reader's poll that had Wal Mart as the best place to shop for clothing in town.

So what do you think the lady at Simple Simons, sitting in the booth behind Em, The Big D and
I, must have been thinking when after a lengthy discussion on porn Dave, laughing uproariously and rubbing his nipples, knocked his $500 Prada sunglasses into her purse? Just a stab of culture on a dreary day.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

D takes to the field

Checking out the competition in "the long step".
Warming up for the big race.
The Olympics were a blast. I think Dylan had one of the largest personal cheering sections at the event. He ran an impressive 50 meter dash winning 2nd in a field of 6. Apparently none of the kids had practiced with a gun because when they fired the shot to start the race they all cringed and kind of froze. If D had recovered sooner he would have ran an even tighter race. G! did I fine job of running along backwards in front of D (she wasn't allowed to touch him).
The long jump was another story. He finished 3rd out of three, never really getting the idea of jumping at the edge of the sand pit, so it was more like the long step. I took a video with my camera that I'll try to post.