Thursday, June 29, 2006

At the feet of the master

Sometimes listening to BJ is like sitting at the feet of the master and just waiting for pearls of wisdom to fall. BJ has come up with a way to honor the past in order to enhance the present. BJ has formulated a plan to bring back that middle school favorite opposite day. But BJ is using it to get laid. The plot centers on your ability to asses your lovers mood. If you can tell that she is about to shut you down just ask straight out for sex. If she says no then kindly inform her that it is opposite day and bam you are in. Genius.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sonic Youth @ The Cains

Another fine show at the Cain's ballroom, and probably my last show there.Ryan, B.J. and I went to witness the dissonant genius that is Sonic Youth. The show was great. The Beer was cold. The merchandise was sweet.
The set was a good mix of old and new. They played "100%" and Ryan's favorite "Or". I must admit that I recognized several of the songs but don't know the names of them. The cool thing about the music live is how much sense it makes. The crazy noise and guitar shredding stuff really makes sense live. I really can't explain it better than that but it is cool. Thurston Moore looks like he did 10 years ago. It is really astounding. I found myself right in front of him for the second half of the show(I came out of the bathroom and was able to walk right up to the stage) and was amazed at how young he looked. Kim Gordon looks great. I won't go on and on about her but she is a fox. I wish I had a video of the cool dance she does. Did I mention that we lost count of the guitar changes at 20. The guitar techs earn their pay.
Ryan and I started the evening drinking our beloved Fat Tire but had to switch to Bud Light at the show a definite down grade. Jigga saved us with some Heiniken and at the end of the night we ended up at Whataburger. I also need to point out that BJ was rocking the collared shirt, concert shoes and the nose ring, fresh.
Sonic youth had some sweet merch. They had a big beach towel, frisbees, vinyl and shirts. I bought a cool shirt that reads "100% Dirty Sonic Youth".

Download = Or - Sonic Youth
Download = Kool Thang - Sonic Youth

Saturday, June 24, 2006

They have arrived!Just in time for our exit from the cup.

This post is for Scot and Ryan, I'm guessing they are the only ones that care about shoes and soccer, well maybe Shelby and Luke will appreciate these. Nike has a website where you can design color schemes for several different styles of shoes and clothes and various accessories. Now the coolness of this is a much debated topic among sneaker heads but we won't get into that. In the weeks leading up to the World Cup Nike featured a soccer specific Dunk that could be customized with a limited number of colors and logo designs. In the clutches of World Cup excitement I designed a pair. In my defense I've been talking about getting a pair of dunks for quite awhile and these were actually cheaper then most of the ones I've seen in stores.
aside - Scot, I tried on a pair of the dunk NLs in Chicago and they were quite comfy. I probably needed a half size smaller but they really felt pretty good. Check the back of the shoes, notice the "Don't Tread" where it usually says "Nike". You may be aware that Nike has a World Cup campaign for the US team based on the classic slogan "Don't Tread On Me". Nike, of coarse, produces the MNT uniforms and gear and sponsors a lot of the players.
There weren't a lot of color choices but the three colors they had were perfect for me. These are reminiscent of the Jordan I's colorwise but whose complaining about that? It sounds geeky but the hardest decision for me to make was what color of laces I should use.
Here you can see some more of the details. Notice the tongue has the snake wrapped around the soccer ball. Also if you've seen the nike print ads about "This American game" that whole speil is on the sock liner insert with the snake superimposed on it. It's hard to tell here but the black leather has a snakeskin pattern on it.
Check this it came in a sweet NIKE id box and the shoes were in this faux leather bag stamped with the Nike id logo and the words "individually designed", a nice little detail. Well there they are my self designed colorway nike dunks. I've seen them called the "Don't Tread" dunks on a couple of web sites but on the box they were shipped in under shoe name they were called Dunk - draw blood. Wow, I'm geeking out here so' I'll stop.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chicago Day One

After missing our departure date by almost two hours(one of us didn't hear the alarm and doesn't sleep anywhere near the phone) we arrived in Chicago a bit late. As you can see our hotel The Parker House Hilton was swank. You would not believe how awesome the beds were, I haven't the words to describe them. Since we were running late we checked with the concierge and he set us on the path to the show. We gawked like a couple of rubes as we walked to the festival. We also almost got hit by an ambulance. But once we got there we hit up the beer stand. Look at how much beer Sarah can carry! Amazing isn't it? The funny thing about Chicago beer is that it is six point(not the watery three we have here). If you're not careful you might drink too much of it and be unable to get off of the curb, right Sarah.
We didn't get to see all of the Son Volt set but what we saw was awesome. They were Playing drown(right click save as to download) probably my favorite Son Volt track. They also played Afterglow 61 and then played two new tunes before finishing up with Chickamunga(that's right reaching back to the Uncle Tupelo days). Most of the pictures didn't turn out and this one makes it seem like we were way back but we actually had a pretty good spot.

Here we are after too many beers and having finally conquered the curb.

The wedding part two

We got to the wedding early so we had time to walk around and take pictures. This one is going in the yearbook. Notice that i'm looking towards the future.
Here i am threatening Sarah, "now ima hafta cutcha"
Sarah doesn't do cheesy pictures.

the wedding

There are two things that make a good wedding.
1. Good people
2. Free beer
This wedding had both. It was an outside wedding so while it wasn't hot as hell it was hot as shit. The place was amazing. It was some kind of tree place so it had that going for it. The reception was indoors and that was where the beer was.
Main didn't know we were coming and seemed genuinly surprised and happy we were there. Rainwater and Bagby were the groomsmen, something i was unaware of so it was a great surprise to me that they were there. Main, a married man.
Scott got shit done during the ceremony.
Bagby rockin the stash and walkin the aisle.
It was hard to spend much time with the guys since it was a wedding but we had some quality time together and i am amazed at how easy it is to just fall into a groove with those guys like we've been hanging out together every day.
Scot you missed an awesome Black Keys performance.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

You fucking cunts

Here is another sufjan track Casimir Pulaski Day to enjoy while you read.
After the show we walked to Millinium park a couple of blocks past our hotel. It was a really cool place. They had a free ballet performance in this amazing open air theatre and they were also having a black tie event in a big tent.
Can you see the people at the bottom of the face? This is part of a water fountain that was amazing, the face smiles for awhile and then frowns and the sides change color. Very cool. This was in Millinium Park, It closed at 11:00 so we didn't get to see everything we wanted to check out. We didn't get any pictures of the giant silver ass.
Ahh the Black Keys, what a show. They played four new songs from the upcoming album. One of them was a slow song, they were all great.
You wouldn't believe how close we were to the stage. When we got to Randolph street we had to fuel up so we stood in line for beer and meat on a stick. While in line it got really windy and rain started falling so a lot of people just booked it out of there. We were almost three miles from our hotel so we hung out since we would be wet anyway. We wandered to the stage to find just a few dozen people there so we posted up as the weather cleared and soon found several hundred people behind us. Once again the Black Keys burned it down to the ground.
As we were leaving we ended up walking buy this really tall, really angry, really drunk guy who was with two friends one female the other male with a dog. He kept talking about "those fuckin cunts" who "didn't know how to treat a man" apparently they were "fuckin homosexuals" and he would have kicked some ass if they "haden't all come out at the same time". Besides he was just "lookin out for [his] boy"(the guy with the dog). Then he said "fuckin cunts" about one hundred more times. I would have tried to take his picture but i didn't want to be a "fuckin cunt".

Instead of shelling out for a cab each night we opted to walk the 2.5 miles to randolph street. Each night we had to cross this old bridge that shook when cars drove over it. I didn't like it and i was pretty drunk, Sarah thought it was cool.

Chicago in reverse

Here is Chicago as we were leaving. Rainy and overcast, the weather had been great all weekend.
Sarah and I got up early this morning in order to take a little walk and see the part of millennium park that we had missed the night before. We had breakfast at a corner bakery. Sarah had a "commuter croissant" a complete misnomer. After breakfast we walked to the lake. This fountain came on about two seconds before this picture was taken. I think it's funny.
Can you see the lake in the background? It's sarah's second great lake.

What a great weekend. I'm reporting in reverse because the memory card from the first day is buried in a bag somewhere. Before you ask, yes we did listen to Sufjan Steven's album Come on feel the Illinoise. Here is one of the tracks for you to download and listen to as you read the following posts.
Chicago - Sufjan

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ohh crap, i think Lindsey's birthday was yesterday. Well a big belated birthday if i'm right, and if i'm wrong forget everything i just said.
I really don't know Lindsey as well as i should (she and my brother have been dating since the 90's) but i do know that she is fun to hang out with and has a great laugh. Somehow i don't have a single digital picture of her so i put up a picture of the tastiest pizza i've ever made. Look at it bitches, that motherfucker was tasty. Were you eating meat back then G!?
Any whoo Happy Birthday Linds!

Monday, June 12, 2006

People I know

Have you ever met BJ? I work with him during the summers and enjoy every minute of it. I could probably put up a BJ quote of the day every single day.
The other day BJ declared that he would name his children Sodom and Gamorrah. After the names were explained to his sister(including a related discussion of sodomy) BJ was asked why he would chose those names. His reply, Because no one else would have them.
BJ knows a lot about computers, MASH and republican stuff and he's funny as hell. He can also do karate and play the guitar(not at the same time). In the nine years that I've known him he has always ordered the meatball sub with extra cheese from subway except for one time last week. If you run into him buy him a beer and talk about MASH.
Today he threatened to smack a Ho down.
His name is also quite funny.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's been a while. I suspect some of you thought i'd lost interest in breasts.

I think i've found someone's christmas present.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Not a lot to report. I got home from work at 10:45 needless to say being understaffed sucks.

My ipod played "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" today. I'd forgotten about the Geto Boys and one of the greatest lines in rap. "I got the world swingin from my nuts." I love that feeling. Download the song and enjoy.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Caleb's best friend right now is aspirin. Notice the sunscreen line like a necklace around his neck.

The Blowout

When I was growing up in Sapulpa there was this event every year called Sapulpafest. It was like the ugly stepchild of the fair. You were guaranteed to see numerous mulletts, fried everything and several couples walking around with their hands in each other's back pockets. That event has warped into the route 66 blowout. Basically it is Sapulpafest without dangerous held together with bailing wire rides but with cars. Lots of cars. We go every year. Chloe and Dylan are contemplating the dragon. The dragon is an inflatable thing like a jupiter jump except you crawl into its mouth and come out its ass.
I found it, a car that the entire family can fit into. You can't really appreciate it's size from the picture but there were two of mere's couches in the back.
Caleb heading up the Pirate ship themed jupiter jump. Why didn't we get this for prom?

Dylan being shit out of the dragon. After being coaxed into the dragon he sat down in front of one of the windows in the side of the beast and refused to move. Fifteen minutes later he emerged.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

a week gone by

Well it's happened, G! and I have ipods. G!'s is in France with her but here is a picture of mine. Notice that I'm watching Wedding Crashers! Look at it kids Sacajawiah and Susan b's. $150 dollars worth. I believe strongly that BJ spends hours each night counting and polishing these.
Ahh the water testing station. I spend hours each day right here.