Friday, December 29, 2006

Burnside Exploration not indie rap

I grabbed a promo copy of the Burnside Exploration's cd The Record from work thinking it was some indie rap group(based on the cover and the first song title Bitch You Lie). I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be reved up blues. Even cooler is the fact that the duo is comprised of R.L. Burnside's son and grandson. They have a fairly simple website up with a more detailed bio here.
Download - Burnside Exploration - Boogie
Download - Burnside Exploration - Bitch You Lie

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Math and Physics Club

For some reason my ipod played the song Sixteen and pretty by The Math and Physics club twice while on my way to work today. I don't know what it's trying to tell me, but this Seattle based band is pretty sweet. They've gotten some positive attention for their new self titled release and I've been enjoying the album for a couple of weeks now. Check out the songs below and their web site.
Download - Math and Physics Club - Sixteen and Pretty
Download - Math and Physics Club - La La La Lisa

Friday, December 22, 2006

The visit

My brother is in town this week which explains the lack of posts. Caleb's first game was this week, he was on the home team. You are reading the score correctly.
My brother getting his shop on.
My brother gives the best christmas presents.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Arcade Fire Intervention

Here is a performance of Intervention from KCRW. That bad ass pipe organ in the new version is a nice improvement.

Arcade fire

Yes, we finally have some news from everyones favorite Canadiens The Arcade Fire. The band have set up a phone service where you can call in to hear the new song Intervention from the upcomiing album Neon Bible. The number is 1-866-Neonbible ext 7777. This album will undoubtable be pretty huge. Their upcoming five date stands in London and Montreal both sold out in something like two minutes. One of my goals for next year will be to see them again, looks like i might have to be on my toes to get that done. False 45th and i have talked about the amazing fact that the most anticipated indie release in years has been leak free so far. I guess as soon as the record company gets involved the chances of something getting out will skyrocket but they've done a great job so far.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Henry and Glenn 4-Ever

Alright, I found my copy of the Igloo Tornado created comic Henry and Glenn 4-Ever. It was hard to keep from just posting the whole thing but i didn't. Some of the funniest panels are very "blue". I don't know if they have any issues left(my copy is from 2005) or if a reprint is on the horizon but you can check in on the Igloo Tornado crew at their website. They always seem to have a few irons in the fire so bookmark their site and check in often.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


edit- For some reason i didn't post the song that i meant to put up with that creepy sculpture.
Download - The Dead Milkmen - Jason's Head

Friday, December 08, 2006

Mississippi John Hurt/Library of Congress Sessions

I recently picked up Mississippi John Hurt's album D.C. Blues Vol 2. It's an amazing set recorded for the library of congress soon after John was rediscovered. Apparently he went in and recorded every song he could remember.
Download - Mississippi John Hurt - Chicken Song The booklet for the discs is really interesting, it basically runs down the story of John's rediscovery. Everyone thought he was dead because after recording a few sides in 1928 he just disappeared. 35 years later a group of folk blues enthusiast noticed that on the song Avalon Blues he sang "Avalon's my hometown". After consulting a map they discovered that there was an Avalon Mississippi. One of the group was headed to New Orleans and decided to stop in Avalon to check things out and within 10 minutes had found John. The next three and a half years saw the reemergence of Mississippi John Hurt.
Download - Mississippi John Hurt - Avalon Blues
Download - Mississippi John Hurt - Stackolee(alternative)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Glen and Henry 4 ever

I was just surfing around on the net and came across this picture that reminded me of a great comic by a couple of guys from the Igloo Tornado collective. I'll try to dig up my copy and maybe post a page or two(i'll ask Scot first). Anyway the primise of the comic is a huge "what if...", What if Glen Danzig(Misfits, Danzig) and Henry Rollins(Black Flag, Rollins Band) were a couple? Are you laughing already? Download - Rollins Band - Burned Beyond Recognition

Still waiting

I still haven't heard any reports on the Black Keys show at the Cain's Ballroom that fully half of my friends attended. I did recieve a ten second phone call from the show with the keys blasting in the background but i don't think that counts as an update. But there is a lot of stuff on the web about Ryan Adams three night stand at Town Hall in NYC. I can't tell you how tempted i was to pack up the car and drive down there. Some of the best videos from the shows are on Stereogum.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I feel Dirty/We Jam Econo

Some how i ended up selling three Nickelback CDs in the space of an hour. One was completely my fault. One woman was buying the new Nickelback album for her son and asked me if this one was popular, i told her that i thought the famous(i didn't say goo) songs were on their second disc(how i knew this i'll never know) so she ended up buying both. For a moment i felt a Barry(from Hi Fidelity) moment coming on "Do you even know your son?" but i didn't, i just felt dirty. To clense myself i watched the Minuteman cocumentary We Jam Econo when i got home. What an excellent movie. It probably only appeals to people that like music but it was right up my alley. I've never been a big Minuteman fan but Phil and i listened to Mike Watt's Ball Hog or TugBoat like mad in the early 90's.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Rayan Adams Lets talk about robots

My favorite altcountry genius just updated his web site with a shit load of new music. I usually try to keep my love for Ryan Adams in check but some of this stuff is superb(in a messy way). I really like the crazy stuff he's doing with breakbeats. I will say that the new stuff doesn't really mesh with his new claims of sobriety. Not a week goes by that i don't think about driving to NYC to stalk him for a few days.
My god this stuff is funny. At least listen to Unicorns(prob. don't exist) and SexFuck and Doctor Robot.

Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sexsmith isn't going to burn through the blogosphere like fellow Canadians The Arcade Fire(I know Win isn't Canadian but still) or revolutionize rock and roll but he can write one hell of a melodic pop gem. I've been listening to his latest album Time Being quite a bit lately. His voice has that melancholy quality to it that makes even his upbeat songs sound just a little bit sad(Ship of Fools illustrates this pretty well).
I don't know if this is something that most people enjoy in their pop music but i love it. In fact some of my favorite songs are borderline depressing, does this mean I'm a depressed person or am i so happy i need depressing music to regulate my overall disposition? But i digress.
Most of the songs on it are pretty simple pieces featuring his voice and acoustic guitar, a format we've all heard a hundred times but he does it sooo well. Check him out if you get the chance, he's based in Toronto but maybe he'll swing through Vermont sometime soon.
Download -Ron Sexsmith - Snow Angel
Download - Ron Sexsmith - Ship of Fools
edit - Obviously I've been reading too much Chuck Klosterman lately, sorry.


I created this blog almost two years ago for the express purpose of talking about music and making fun of Ryan. Yesterday Ryan and his wife had their first child Abigail so congratulations to the new parents and good luck getting any sleep. This crappy picture is all I had to post even though his sister is a professional photographer.
Thank god she isn't ugly like Ryan.
P.s. I got a message on my answering machine yesterday informing me that Abigail's first words were "Mark is gay".