Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jose @ Higher Ground

Looks like Higher Ground just added a Jose Gonzalez show on June 24th. That just might be the last show i see at Higher Ground before moving to Paris.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Destroyer, Club Lambi

I managed to catch Dan Bejar as Destroyer this weekend in Montreal at Club Lambi. The club was pretty cool, the second smallest room I've ever seen a show in(the original Green Door in OKC being the smallest). Without knowing what time the show actually started we showed up around 7:45 and walked right into the club where Dan Bejar was standing by the door talking to someone. Gretchen spotted him and was sure it was him i was hesitant, he was too short, way too thin and wasn't rocking the beard, in fact, he looked a lot like Joe Jack Talcum from the Dead Milkmen circa 1991. Before we could approach him or continue debating who he was he was called up on stage for soundcheck, thereby effectively proving Gretchen right. About that time we were told that doors wouldn't open until 8:30 so we hit the bar down the street.

Back at the club we grabbed beers and a table and settled in, with the exchange rate basically being even i paid $15 USD for a shirt before sitting down for a wait.

The show opened with a band who's name i forget, i believe they were local, in any case they literally put me to sleep(granted i haven't slept well since the funeral but come on).

Next up was Colossal Yes, they put on a really good set but it was very short, the singer explained that he had blown out his voice a couple of shows ago, that put Destroyer up next.

I really enjoyed the show, he sounded great playing mostly new stuff although he did play something from Destroyer's Rubies and i believe a song from Yer Blues. Foam Hands sounded spectacular. The Destroyer set ended up lasting an hour and ten minutes. Dan explained that he had lost his voice the night before in Toronto. Towards the end of the set he said that he would be cutting it short because of his throat but he did come back out and do a song without the band. I was happy and quite satisfied, the show cost $15 CD and we got two really good bands. Gretchen was less that satisfied, her point being that we had come from Vermont, had rented a hotel, paid for food and entertaining the kids, it was probably our last trip to Montreal and she was away from her studies two weeks before finals. She wasn't complaining about the show, she liked the set but the length was definetly much shorter than either of us expected especially since Dan had lived in Montreal and homecoming shows are usually pretty awesome. No one regrets going but it does make you think about all the things that go towards making a great show because a live show is an experience. The performance is a big part of it but there are so many little things that count, the people you see it with, the venue, dinner, the trip home, the list goes on and on.


Thanks to everyone that's sent cards or e-mails or have given condolences in person, it's appreciated.

Monday, April 07, 2008

A Sick day conversation

My kids were sick most of last week, my youngest and i had a conversation in the car at one point that i feel like i have to write down.
L: Where is it ok to throw up?
Me: The toilet.
L: I threw up in the trash can at school.
me: That's ok too but the toilet is better.
L: Where can i throw up outside?
Me: I guess on the grass is alright.
L: What if it gets frozen and someone slips and falls in it?
Me: That would be bad, i guess you should try to throw up away from where people walk.
L: Ok.
Several minutes pass.
L: I better not throw up at the zoo because the animals might eat it, is it ok if the animals eat my throw up?
Me: It would probably make them sick.
L: So i better not throw up at the zoo right?
Me: Right.
L: How about at a farm? I probably better not throw up there either.
Me: Probably not.
Several minutes pass.
L: Would an elephant eat my throw up with his trunk?
Me: I'm not talking about this.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

R.E.M. plays Boston kicks me in the wallet.

Yesterday I payed more for a concert ticket then i ever have before, in fact i bought two of them. I guess that's not technically true, Austin City Limits cost more but that was a lot of bands and multiple days.
I have two tickets for the R.E.M. show in Boston on 6-13-08. The Athens boys are touring on their strongest most rocking album in years. The seats are on the floor and as a big added bonus Modest Mouse and The National are both opening the show. I've wanted to see the National for quite awhile, R.E.M. has put on a great show every time i've seen them and Modest Mouse were shit the only time I caught them live. If R.E.M.s Dublin shows are any indication, this should be a great show.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jenna breaks out.

As a fan of Zombie movies i've gotta say that this looks like a work of sheer genius, just look at that tagline! Jenna Jamison(looks like pre freaky plastic surgery) Freddy, strippers and zombies, a magical mix. I'll go out on a limb and say we are guaranteed to see boobs.
Another genius idea, covering Dita Von Teese with silver paint.