Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Down and out

Well I got hit with a virus. About the time i was finishing up with my recovery software my transmitter for the wireless keyboard and mouse went tits up so i have no idea if i lost everything or not. I did backup most of the family pictures last week, music is another story. G! still has the laptop but there is nothing on it but law school stuff. I may not be updating a lot since she is on her laptop all the time but i'm working on some posts for phil and ryan so stay tuned and pray for my computer.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ryan Adams and the additional sale

Kingdomforavoice favorite Ryan Adams was on NPR earlier this week. Checkout the spot here it's really cool. The interview extras are also really interesting. The spot touches on Ryan's reputation and the fact that he hasn't released an album in the last six months. Those of you who ascribe to the opinion that Ryan Adams is the ultimate rock n roll douchebag might have to rethink things after listening to this interview.
I didn't get to here the spot on the radio. I was alerted to the fact that he had been on when I sold three Ryan Adams albums in one day. I finally commented on the fact to one of the customers and he informed me that he had heard the spot and had been impressed enough to come buy an album(even if it was a bit overpriced). He had Gold in hand and explained that he had heard that it was his best work. At that point I geeked out for a few minutes and went on a "Ryan Adams is a god" tirade that ended with him buying Gold and Heartbreaker.
Download - Ryan Adams - The Hardest Part
Download - Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Igloo Tornado spring into action, film at 11:00

Beware the tornado!
Sounds like the opening went very well. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Alright I'll stop talking about Igloo tornado now(probably). But make sure you check out the amazing stuff this collective is producing. It is awesomely inspiring stuff. It looks like they still have some pieces for sell. Get some before they hit Banksy levels of popularity. Nice shirt.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I got a call from my man Phil last night giving me an update on the life of my favorite hippy. Life sounds good. Phil brought up an artist I keep meaning to post on but haven't. I keep putting it off thinking a new album must be imminent but Phil managed to catch Mofro in Boulder at a ridiculously low price. Above is a picture of Mr. Gray that we took at ACL last year. He was just hanging out in the gospel tent. The day before he had put on an excellent set and we fell all over ourselves praising it. Most of you have already heard these tracks but if not welcome to Louisiana swamp rock.

Download - Y'all Ready?
Download - Dirtfloorcracker
Download - fireflies

Phil is already bought his ticket to Vegoose, anyone else going?
Phil I can't find your myspace.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Banksy seems to be everywhere right now. This gaffitti artist/revolutionary just had a big opening in the US and his pieces were going for 100K plus! That is just incredible. His "art" pieces are pretty cool, i'd love to get my hands on one.
But his outdoor graffiti stuff is where it's at. Go to his site and check out what this guy is putting up, especially his stuff from the west bank.
In other art new you can pick up some awesome pieces from the Igloo Tornado collective at their new show in L.A. You can get a little preview from their site Igloo Tornado or from the Losergoes1st site, or here .

D's Birthday

Sunday was D's birthday and I was off so we went all out and headed down to the Tunbridge World's Fair. After a breakfast of chocolate donuts that is. For those of you in Ok you should know that the fair is a huge deal around here. Many people take off from work and keep their kids home from school to go to the fair daily. Tunbridge actually closes its schools. G! described it best when she called it a mix of Sapulpafest circa '91 and dogpatch USA.

Dylan insisted on hamburgers for dinner so we loaded up the car and headed to Barre and the closest burger king. It is in a gas station but what the hey, you only turn nine once.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fiery Furnaces

I haven't told G! yet but it looks like the Fiery Furnaces will be at Higher Ground in South Burlington.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mates of State

So one of our families favorite bands Mates of State are going on tour and taking along one of our favorite Oklahoma bands The Starlight Mints(Chloe's first concert). Unfortunately the Massachusetts dates are this week. You can see the Mates new video for Like u Crazy on mtvu(follow the link). It's a pretty good video reminicent of the Smashing Pumpkins video Tonight,Tonight.
Download - Mates of State - Like u crazy

Download - Starlight Mints - Rhino Stomp

Tonight most of the Vermont Bloggers are at the Rogue Wave concert, regretfully I couldn't make it. I'm sure we will see great posts over the show in the next couple of days and I do plan on being at the Built to Spill show.
Caleb's first band performance was tonight at the Chelsea 9-11 gathering. His cymbal playing was excellent. The festivities also included a bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace, a women's quartet that consisted of a new hymn about the evils of terrorism and a two fiddle, guitar group that played God Bless America but didn't bother to tune up before playing. I didn't take my digital camera but i did have the video camera with me.
In other news I started a new part time job at a large book store in West Lebanon that has a no blogging policy. Next time you see me ask me the name of it and I may tell you(if you promise not to blog about it.)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

RA the Rugged Man

You can probably tell from my posts that I don't listen to a lot of rap but it's been a strange week. First I accidentally listened to A Tribe Called Quest's first album(it's hard to mess with the ipod while driving in Vermont). Then I somehow erased most of the music on my ipod which resulted in it playing four songs from Ghostface killahs new album Fishscales. And finally I came across a rapper that I really like on a shoe collector site.
R.A. the Rugged Man is one of those bigger than life rappers who brags a lot and has a bit of a chip on his shoulders but his songs are great. He is a white guy so that is the focus of many of his songs but that's all right. His style is nice and old school sounding(think KRS-One era new York).
Check it out, I know Luke will like it.
Download - R.A. the Rugged Man - Lessons

ACL Day Two

It's much hotter than it appears.
What a day this will be, this may be "the" day of the festival. Here's the rundown if I were in charge.
11:00 Find some lunch.
11:45 Marah
12:30 Centro-Matic, what a great underrated band, Will Johnson is a hell of a songwriter.
Download - Centro-Matic - Love has found me
1:30 phoenix is a great English speaking French band. I've listened to the hell out of this album since G! brought it back from France.
Download - Phoenix - Long Distance Call (25 hours a day mix)
2:30 Ben Kweller is back at ACL. His sets never disappoint.
3:30 The Secret Machines will rock for a bit but hang back because we are leaving early.
4:00 TV on the Radio will put on a great show, get close.
5:30 Calexico or Aimee Mann, I like both but Aimee is prettier.
6:30 The Raconteurs will be great but once again be prepared to duck out early or perhaps skip the whole set.
7:30 Iron & Wine is one of the guys that I am dying to see (damn your wedding to Hell Ryan) so I would be as close as possible for this set. Damn you ACL scheduler for putting the Kings of Leon up at the same time.
8:30 Willie Nelson will already be 15 minutes into his set but we've seen him before(he puts on a great show even when messed up, Whiskey river twice anyone?)
9:15 Massive Attack might play Protection so I'd stay to see them.
Download - Massive Attack - Protection

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ACL Day One

Hey you Arcade Fire jokers look out we can't see The Frames.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is just around the corner and I'm going to miss it for the first time. Several of the crew will be there and have asked me about who they should see so I'm going to lay it out. Keep in mind this is a "hardcore" schedule that doesn't allow for a lot of deadweight.
Friday: Arrive around 11:30 grab a sandwich from Stubb's and wander around a bit to acclimate.
12:30 Asleep at the Wheel: No need to get real close we've seen them before, leave early.
1:30 Ted Leo: You have to have a good spot for Ted Leo.
2:30 Deadboy & the Elephantmen: I assume you saw Guster in Tulsa so I'd see these guys again.
3:30 Wolf Parade: Again get a good spot for this.
4:30 Gnarles Barkley: You gotta drop by to see what crazy stuff they have going on. 5:15 Okkervil River: I'd stay for all of this set and get to Gomez a little late.
6:00 Gomez.
6:30 Eat
7:30 Ray Lamontagne: I'd get to this one early and get up close.
I'd wander around near the back of the crowd for John Mayer and Van Morrison. I'm thinking Mayer might have a decent guest stop by his set.
Go home shower and drink.
Day two is pretty tricky, I'll post on it later.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bishop Allen

By now everyone knows how awesome Bishop Allen are and how Charm School is a great album and the Ep every month project is churning out some great tunes but did you know that they played Boston the first week we were here and I missed it? I will see them. Download: Ghosts are good company from Charm School
Download: People you meet from Charm School

Download: Eve of Destruction from Charm School

Download: Corazon from January EP

On a personal note I may have found a part time job, I wore a jacket to the interview. On Thursday I go to get fingerprinted so I can substitute. I had dinner at the Dean's house and saw a kid touch an electric fence... I didn't laugh even though it made him slap a donkey.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

We had a long morning hike in celebration of labor day. There's a pretty good trail just up the street and above the cemetery.
On my way to the dump I came across this sweet ride. Ryan don't tell Daubney about this or he might drive up here and buy it, if his mom will let him.
And finally might new favorite ice cream.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Divorce on the horizon

G! has threatened to divorce me if I make her hate the Iron&Wine song The Trapeze Singer. Apparently one of my less charming attributes is my ability to listen to something over and over again. Apparently most people don't like to listen to one song several times in a day. I admit that I have three different versions of the song(which is one of my favorite songs) and I like to put together a playlist with all three versions right in a row which adds up to almost 30 minutes of the same song. It seems that I've been listening to The Trapeze Swinger several times a day for the past few months and yesterday the boss had had enough, hence the ultimatum. I'm going to try to listen to my ipod with my headphones on more often.
Download: The Trapeze Swinger live on NPR One man in a room with his guitar, pretty close to perfection.
Download: The Trapeze Swinger album version (this is from the wicker park soundtrack I believe) Clean studio version, I love the "ohhs" and the band really fills out the sound.
Here is a clip of the song from this years Lollapaloza:

Origami champion

This dragon was folded from one piece of uncut paper. It took the "origami champion" 40 hours to fold. It sure blows away my ninja stars. Check out this article at Discover.

Friday, September 01, 2006

shoes again

Lots of news on the shoe front this week. First off look at what's being retroed next year. I recently came across a picture of Luke and I both wearing these shoes in two different colorways. Look at this Nike SB release part of the Fallen Heroes line. These are the Pee Wee Herman Dunk Highs. I love them. Phil if you drop by satellite and they have them in a 9.5 or 10 I'll get you back.
Nike and Emenim have collaborated on some air maxes for charity that are really cool. In three years I'll be able to buy shoes again.