Friday, March 30, 2007

Easy Tiger

The album art for Ryan Adam's new album is out. He's also crazied up his website. And what do you know, he's playing Stonehenge the day the album drops(June 5th).
Ryan S's new tattoo rules!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'll buy that

Somehow this is a shoe commercial.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

oh no you didn't

Watch that spacebar.
Ahh ha ha ha ha.
Willie does indeed rule but come on.
Look who's back, my girl Winona.

Friday, March 23, 2007

stuff on the web

The stranded in Stereo site has a good interview with Apples in Stereo.
There's a pretty good Kings of Leon Interview on NME.
What could this person want with all that stuff? Sounds like trouble to me.
Fabchannel recently put up a great Black Keys show.
That's cool, it would drive Dylan crazy.
How bout a Bonnie "Prince" Billy show?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

LA eats

Bright Eyes EP Surprises

I picked up the most excellent new Bright Eyes EP Four Winds when it came out a couple of weeks ago but it was just a few days ago that i got a big surprise. When i put the disc in my computer to rip for my ipod i found that besides the advertised tracks, the disc also contained two or three MP3s from each of the artist on saddle creek! That's right a ton of great free music. If the EP is any indication then the new disc will be in the country vein that Conor was beginning to explore on I'm wide awake its morning.
Download - Bright Eyes - Four Winds - from Four Winds EP
Download - Bright Eyes - Landlocked Blues - from I'm wide awake its morning

Duke sucks

My god this is funny, You've probably seen this elsewhere but i couldn't help myself.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Bar 107

While in LA, I ended up spending quite a bit of time in this very cool old dive bar...
because of this.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It's about time this song and video were made.

L.A. The Goods

Scot got the new Air Max I Skull's pack.
The shirt from Supreme. What we didn't realize was that it said "suck my cunt" on the back. Lisa loved it and gretchen felt the same way.
I picked up the Air Max 90's St. Patrick's, a quick strike that i didn't think i'd have any chance of finding. The big question is "will i wear them all year round" and since i rarely match i'd say "yes". (The shamrocks don't stand out as much when i have them on.)

L.A. day by day

Just back from an amazing weekend in L.A., Wasting no time the first night we had some great Mexican food and margaritas(something completely absent from the state of Vermont) and then hit a famous strip club. I got to bed about 5:30 east coast time.
The first full day was spent shopping for shoes.Brooklyn Projects for nike sbs. Next door was a shop with great I love L.a. shirts but instead of love there was a machine pistol, they were $50.
SLB was where i found a great pair of Levis on sale. This place is owned by pro skater Sal Barbier and lay out and looks wise it was my favorite spot but no shoes. Right next door is Flight Club L.A., i was too overwhelmed to take any pictures. Down the side street is The Hundreds, i didn't take a picture there because the shop is the size of a closet. Supreme is also right down the block, Scot got an awesome t-shirt there.
Undefeated Silverlake, probably my favorite shop we visited. I think we hit something like seven shops in all including the Undefeated in Santa Monica where i bought my shoes of the trip.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Miles Davis experiance

We've been playing a great Miles Davis disc at work for the past week(don't tell but i sometimes take it off random so we just listen to the Miles album). A couple of nights ago an older guy stopped me to ask what album was playing and then commenced to tell me about the time he say Miles Davis live. He had just gotten out of the army in 1958 and was staying in NYC with a buddy for a week and on the first night he was there they went to Birdland and Miles was playing with Coltrane and another huge jazz name on piano. The club was packed so Frank(the old guy) figured they wouldn't be able to get in but his buddy slipped the doorman a tenner and they got a table that was leaning against the stage. Frank was three feet from Miles. He described the club and the performance in vivid detail. We then talked about some of our favorite Miles Davis album(Luckily we were focused on Miles Davis since he is probably the only jazz musician i can talk coherently about).
I guess the point of the story is that i hope I'm still as excited about music when I'm Franks age. Maybe I'll be telling some guy about how i saw The Arcade Fire at Stubb's or was so close to the Black Keys in a little OKC club that i kept getting hit with broken drumsticks or the time the lead singer of the Dead Milkmen insulted one of my friends from the stage, or the time my wife carried on a conversation with Mathew Sweet during a show or the time Ryan Adams opened his solo show with Sweet Carolina and you could hear a pin drop. It was really cool to see someone so pumped up about live music.

Spring Broke Sale

Threadless is running a Spring Broke sale until 3/12/07 with most of their shirts going for just $10.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Should have listened

I should have listened to the warning on this youtube video: "Warning: If you do not like pictures of hot emo guys don't watch this."

I like this version, it makes Mallrats look like a serious film.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Arcade fire

I'm not sure how quickly both of the Arcade Fire shows in Montreal sold out but when i finally got through at 10:08 i could only get two tickets and at 10:10 there weren't any left.