Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Have at it

Feel free to caption these.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest
13 Artists at Harmony Gallery
5911 1/2 Franklin Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028
March 6th through April 17th , 2006
Opening Reception:
Friday, March 10th, 8-10 pm

Scot is showing in this group.  If you’ve been to the house he did the two really colorful pieces “The Boobs”(probably not the actual title) being one of them. If I were anywhere near I would check out this show.  If you haven’t seen any of his recent stuff on www.losergoes1st.com then I will fight you.

Where was bj?

The wedding was a great event. As the pictures attest, there was both free beer and pretty ladies. As usual we were late, we actually entered after the groomsmen but before the attendants. I was shocked to see that my man bj was sans suit so I was left wondering why the hell I had drug out mine. After a fairly short and preachy wedding we headed to Freddies Steak house for the reception. BJ was nowhere to be found. We set with the brides mother(who wasn't in the best of humors) and a couple who's daughter had just made a D in my class and a guy with a super mullet(in a ponytail since it was a formal event). With bj nowhere in site I began drinking as quickly as possible assuming that he had gone out and bought a new adidas track suit with "Boo jigga" embroidered on the back for our upcoming break dance routine. I must mention that although bj had not shown up in person he was already there in spirit. Wedding goers were treated to a powerpoint slide show of the new couple in which bj showed up several times, my favorites being the sweet snow/flight suit, the awesome christmas sweater and best of all the formal family portrait in which bj sported an infant mullet. After trying repeatedly to take a picture of the pictures of bj in the slide show i had to admit defeat so you're left to picture it in your mind. After a few beers I became worried so I accosted Bill(the brides father) and learned that the couple were going to Hawaii for 9 days and bj was sick. I immediately took the above photograph in order to show bj all the free beer he had missed. I then ate an ungodly amount of meat.

BJ look at the free beer! My god the free beer. Lezlee's husband kept bringing them to me. I DIDN"T EVEN HAVE TO GET UP FOR THE FREE BEER. I'm sorry i shouted but my god man free beer. I shed a tear for your loss. Get well soon.

p.s. Natalie looked very nice i hope the camera project is commencing.

Starlight Mints @ The Cain's Ballroom

The Starlight mints made the short trip from the city to the Cain's ballroom and brought along four other groups. After a slow start(worked until nine) we made it to the venue in time to see Ester Drang a group I knew nothing about. Ester Drang is one of the the many fine groups on the Jade Tree label but unlike a lot of their label mates they were a pretty emo free indie rock act. Admittedly they had very little going on on stage with the lead singer being on one side and the rest of the band all crammed into the other half of the stage but their music was great. They were a little more of a shoegazer group than usually like but they really were on last night and I am a new convert.
The Starlight mints had a thee piece string section with them this time that they were able to use gorgeously. They opened with two great new songs . In fact the set was heavy with new material and it was all excellent(but no Brass Digger). PG! hit the nail on the head when, after Black Cat(picture above left) he described the vibe as very "Saturday morning cartoon". The new material does seem to be a step in a more structured less distractingly quirky direction. The new stuff was well balanced by some great lder tunes including the aforementioned Black Cat and Submarine #3. The new album will be out in the next few weeks and promises to be a great one I can't wait to give it a good workout on the old mp3 player.
Another thing I will point out is the fact that the drummer(pictured above) wore headphones under his stocking cap. A look that I found endlessly hilarious.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I feel bad for eddie but my god, some of this stuff is really funny.

I feel bad.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dirty Dean

Sarah gave me a big bag of Dean Koontz books a few months ago and I have begun to read these literary treasures. As you may know I'll read anything. The first one in the stack was Lightening. This gem included a beautiful woman, a punk rock comedienne, evil nazis, good former Nazis and of coarse time travel. "So predictably" you're probably saying but get this the Nazis travel forward in time.Let me restate that, THE NAZIS TRAVEL FORWARD IN TIME! What a twist. The Nazis can't go back in time because their past is already set, that's right, apply a little logic my friend. Anyway The good former Nazi has been tinkering with the life of the beautiful woman, always making things better for her. Eventually the bad Nazis catch on to what the good former Nazi is doing and adventure and lots of Uzi fire commences. With a little help from Winston Churchill everything works out and, get this, the good former Nazi and the beautiful woman end up together. Excellent work Mr. Koontz, excellent work.

BJ's bloggin

It's good to see that BJ is back to a regular blogging schedule but his latest update has left me feeling thirsty and unsophisticated.
Sarah's blog is also a lot of fun www.mytopfivelists.blogspot.com Join in, i know some of you have encyclopedic knowledge when it comes to music.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Ryan's busy weekend.

This is after his new tattoo. Once again it's hard to dissuade Ryan once he decides to do something.

Ohh ryan

Ryan got a new tattoo this weekend. I know, I should have talked him out of it but my god that's funny. WWCND?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Nike Kanji

I'm sure you've seen these Nike Dunk SB Kanji's. I wish i had money. Is there a way to paint on shoes? Have you ever tried it? Would you be willing to try it? I wonder if i could find a cheap pair of used dunks on ebay to experiment with?

Has anyone noticed in the wider world that kids are using brokeback in place of gay, as in "Dude that place setting was so brokeback." Maybe that's just in Sapulpa.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beards 2

I can't tell you what this beard is hiding. If i did your heat would explode in awe and you would be wanted for questioning in 16 countries. Suffice it to say that if Chuck Norris saw this person on the street he would kill it.


It's been a long week.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beards 1

Emily has a theory that people with beards grow tham to hide something or they are ashamed of something. I wonder if she's right?

These two beards hide that fact that they both made sweet love to a gator. In fact it was the same gator... at the same time. And then they ate that sweet little gator.

Monday, February 13, 2006

A shocking fact about Dave

Our good friend Dave doesn't go to concerts where he has to stand up. That is crazy and sad news since the Cain's Ballroom is the best place in Tulsa to see a concert and in order to sit down you have to be way back in the back or sides. Hopefully he will come around, i mean look at eh upcoming shows.
2-17 HeroFactor
2-22 Galactic
2-24 Starlight Mints
2-26 Moe
3-6 311
3-11 the Strokes
3-13 Morrissey
3-15 Atmosphere
4-1 Death Cab for Cutie
4-20 Built to Spill
4-22 She Wants Revenge
5-3 Eisley

That is a pretty sweet little concert season. Hey Dave you can buy six packs there.

Cheney shoots hunting partner

This is going to get funny. read this article.

Sunday, February 12, 2006



Slot Jockey

If you read G!'s blog you know we had a great time at the casino this weekend. I'll just hit the highlights. The casino was insanely busy, it took us forever to find our group who were "under the stained glass thingee". By the time we found everyone they had already lost all of their money.

Beerme and i ended up playing a game that neither of us understood but somehow included bingo and daubing.

The Cherokee Casino does not have good looking waitresses. In fact i didn't see and wait staff until we had been there for over an hour and they were ugly and didn't give out any free drinks.

We ended up at waffle house where i got a free hair in my BLT... i ate the sandwich anyway. The pecan pie was awesome.

Lisa has a sweet new ride.

Friday, February 10, 2006


I found out something interesting about Dave that I will post on tomorrow.
Okryan tripped me tonight at work sending me ass over teakettle. I landed on my tapemeasure which hurt like hell. I reported the mishap to my manager and he just laughed at me. Okryan is my manager. At the time I was tripped I was wrapping a fellow coworker(not ryan) in plastic wrap.

If that breast were an island I would happily live on it.

I stayed home with puking D today. While home i apparently taped the wrong room for painting. Whoops. I also watched a video for G!'s class and wrote up some questions. The video was from The Blues series on OETA last year. This one was on the British blues invasion, very cool, lots of Clapton. Muddy Waters had some cool hair.

I heard three songs from the upcoming Morressey album, all of them were above average. I can't wait for the show, tickets on sale Saturday.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I can't resist.

How many sweatshop hours do you think it took to make this?


You must check out my brother's latest post. There is a picture there that is funnier than this one... if you can imagine.

Nike Eclipse formerly luna

Nike haters look away. This is the new nike Eclipse. It is supposed to "drop" march 29th, we in Oklahoma will never see these for retail. The one on the left is the West Coast version and the one on the right is the East Coast version. I think I'm feelin the East Coast version a little more, any preferences?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Guns n Roses leather

While a dinner at the local Chinese buffet I spied something that took my breath away with its sheer magnificence... This Guns and Roses leather jacket. A 350 pound Indian gentleman was sporting this fine piece of rock and roll homage. It looked like he had been wearing it for quite some time because it was showing some wear. Oddly enough he didn't take it off at dinner. I had to check out the availability of this fine outerwear and what do you know it is on sale at Wilson's leather! It isn't quite as cool as Axel's white leather jacket from the paradise city video(which I was and am convinced is the epitome of cool) but it will do.

Monday, February 06, 2006

seeing stars

Odida is that even possible? I would think that the nipple wouldn't be the best place for ink but hey those look really cool. I swear i've drawn stars like the ones on her wrist before.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Those damn Twins

Let's step back from the shoes and instead bitch about those damn Olson twins. How did they get so hot? It seems that the skinny one has conquered her eating problem and really filled out. They have also ditched the bag lady look for something a little more classic. Now if we could get that one back in school everything would be all right. I like butterflies.

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie and Franz Ferdinand are coming to the Cains on April 1st. I remember at Austin City Limits this year saying that maybe Death Cab would come to Tulsa as we left their set to grab a spot at a smaller stage. A movie script ending(my favorite Death Cab song) was playing.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Don't tread on me

As part of the "Don't tread on me" world cup campaign nike has put up a special dunk on their nikeid design your own site. The tongue can have one of three limited edition designs and the heel reads "Don't Tread". You can do all sorts of things with the three color scheme they are using for the campaign. I am stoked, dunks and a soccer tie in... sweet.

Moz March 13th

I don't know if you've talked to okryan lately but if you have he probably excitedly told you that Moz would be coming to the Cains. If you don't know who Moz is or acted blase about it he probably called you a dumbass(if he knew you well) or got a steely look in his eyes and secretly thought about what a dumbass you are(if he didn't know you well). That is all fine and good but he also told you that Moz would be here on March 1st and for that he is a dumbass. Moz will be in Tulsa on March 13th. That is easy to remember because it is PG's birthday.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Morrissey at the Cains

This just in, MOZ will be at the Cains in March. I plan to be close enough to be sweat on or blessed. Tickets are $35. I'll have to put the jedi's on hold since Atmosphere is the week after.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nike Dunk SB Jedi

Damn these are some sweet shoes. I love this colorway known be shoe nerds as the jedi dunks. I'm not really sure how that tag came about but there it is. Unfortunatly the only ones i can find are upwards of $200.