Friday, July 28, 2006

New stuff

Look at these new possible releases from the Jordan camp. I'm trying not to get real obsessed with them since they may never come out(these are samples) and if they do come out it will be next year. And besides that I'm broke. But just look at how sick those are, basically Jordan V's but with the elephant print from the III's and those wicked colors. In other new stuff news Scot my sneaker lovin artist friend from L.A. is putting it down one two blogs. They are both art related and currently both feature ninjas. Check out his personal page at or his collaboration site and while you're at it go buy some of his awesome pieces at as you all know we own two great pieces of his. Scot's stuff is colorful and whimsical and at the same time a little fucked-up. Get you some today.

Back to the heat

Look at what I got while on vacation! This is the only picture I have right now(thanks to the lamest blog ever) but I'll have several more soon including a great shot of the artist (Joe) seemingly punching me on the new tattoo. As you can probably tell it's a scissor tail flycatcher done in the "traditional" style on my left arm. The angle is kinda weird, making the head and beak look a little funny since ryan was trying to get the whole tattoo in the shot(it wraps around, the tail is on the back of my arm). I thought it would be fitting since we leave Oklahoma(probably for good) in two weeks. There is more to the tattoo but I only had enough for "step One". BTW the artist did say that I wasn't the hairiest bastard he'd ever worked on and I saw the picture to prove it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back from Vermont

We survived the trip to Vermont. This will just be a quick post since Ryan and I will be heading to Colorado in the morning. Camping along the way actually worked out. Gotta love those KOA's. Beeze was up at 5:00 in the morning the first day. We made it to the camp site at about 12:30 in the morning. In fact I think the earliest we set up camp was 11:30, nothing like putting up tents in the dark.
We had to hit Niagara Falls. We crossed over to Canada for dinner.
Well here it is. The Oldham outpost in Vermont. It was the newest place we looked at. It is located in Randolph, Vermont, try to find that on a map.
We hit the Smithsonian in D.C. Does anyone remember the Dark Crystal? Check out the puppets behind us. That movie freaked me out when I was little.
I'm sure you recognize this spot.
It's close to 5:00 in the evening here and we still haven't boarded the train to take us back to our car. The plan was to drive eight hours to Knoxville, TN.

I'll bet G! will cover the beach, Harvard and the other highlights of the trip.

In other news I had four wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Did you know they don't put you out for that? In fact they put you in a head lock and jerk those sons of bitches right out. It sucks. Even the drugs don't make it worth it. Much love to G! for taking care of me.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Black Keys

The Black Keys have been floating around the music scene for a few years, each album getting better that the last. The have a new disc coming out in the next couple of months which will be a must for any music fan. Sarah and I got to here a few songs from the new album and they are fantastic. Here are the boys at the Taste of Randolph Street concert in Chicago. It looks like we were a lot farther away then we were. Everyone but the sorority girl standing next to Sarah were entertained.
Dan tearing it down at the Green Door in OKC. Notice his amazing guitar, it was a Fender with a kick ass leather pick guard. The Leather was tooled and looked like your grandpa's belt(If your grandpa was a farmer and miner from Oklahoma).
Patrick about to break a stick which will hurtle towards our heads much to our delight. If your ever at okryan's ask him to see his framed signed poster and drumstick, it is sick.
Once again Dan gets down at Stubb's in Austin. Dig that guitar one more time.

What can I say about the Black Keys that you don't already know? Akron, Ohio white kids playing rocked out blues pretty much sums it up. I've seen them three times and they have blown my socks off each time. I can't believe that they haven't blown up yet, they are incredibly nice, good looking(important in today's music scene) and the music is amazing. I guess each time I've seen them they've been in a bigger venue. The first show was in a tiny OKC club called the Green Door. We were so close that we were actually leaning against the stage and getting pelted with broken drumsticks. We also got to meet both of them and talk for a few minutes. They were both very nice and appreciative. The second show was at Stubb's in Austin, Texas opening for the Arcade Fire. The last time I saw them was a few weeks ago at the Tastes of Randolph Street festival in Chicago. Again they rocked a very large outdoor crowd.

Has everyone checked out The Black Keys latest project Chulahoma? It's an entire ep of Jr. Kimbrough covers.

Check it out.

1. Keep your hands off her

2. Have Mercy on Me

3. Work Me

4. Meet Me in the City

5. Nobody but you

6. My Mind is Ramblin

7. Junior's widow

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Wow, France in the World Cup finals. I admit after watching their group play i didn't expect to see them here. I did wear my new lucky french socks(thanks G!).

I've posted on what a bad ass Zidane is in the past and he hasn't dissapointed in this World Cup, he is the heart and soul of the French team.