Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wilco Shelburne Farm/ late post

I was very tempted to just make this review of the sold out Wilco show one sentence long. If i were to do that it would read: Wilco played a rousing version of California Stars. False 45th has a well written review up right now so i'll just throw out some random observations.
Most of the kids were in Oklahoma so G! and i took D with us for his first concert. Here he is rocking the summer tour shirt. The merch was pretty good, in addition to the tee G! picked up a bag for $5 and i grabbed a patch. The limited edition show poster was a bit lame so i passed on it.
Low played a pretty good set although it seemed a bit out of place on a beautiful day at an outdoor show. We arrived early so we saw their entire set i really liked it but again the fit was off.
There were a lot of kids everywhere which ended up being pretty cool. There was a lot of dancing going on in the area we were in which was to the left of the soundboard close to the merch tent. At one point we realized that several of the families had cleared out and then we realized that a group of meatheads had a couple of joints going not far from us.
I teased G! all concert long at her weak attempts to yell out songs requests between songs but they did end up playing Claifornia Stars so way to go girl.

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