Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Slash on Slash

I'm a sucker for rock biographys, I've read more than my fair share of them from classics like Hammer of the Gods to my latest read Slash. My favorite of all time is probably Catch a Fire, a biography of Bob Marley, although I've read a couple of really good Elvis books and Shakey about Neil Young is another good read.
Slash doesn't pretend to be written by Slash alone, right there on the cover is the co author's name, it's nice that they didn't try to pass it off as self written. That having been said, it defiantly sounds like Slash, I'm sure it was cleaned up a bit but it still sounds like a rocker that barely made it out of high school. The content is insane, plenty of rock cliches with Axl weirdness thrown in for good effect. The first half, which basically dealt with his childhood up through the teens, had me constantly saying "Who lets their kid do shit like this?" Slash is very unrepentant about everything he's done. The weirdest thing is the fact that he has some crazy heart shocking device implanted in his chest.
Over all it was a fun read, especially for someone with a soft spot for Guns and Roses. Very little is given to the life of Velvet Revolver after the band was put together so if you're looking for VR dirt this is not the book. My main gripe is Slash constantly saying "My side of the story is", we get it slash, two sides to every story, you don't have to remind us two dozen times that Axel's take on things is a far cry from yours. If anyone out there still reads this is a pretty enjoyable read.


B.J. said...

Does the book offer any explanation to his aversion to shirts?

kingdomforavoice said...

The secret of the shirt was never revealed but we do learn two reasons why we should all wear leather chaps. 1. They allow you to wear your jeans until they actually disintegrate. 2. No one can tell if you've pissed yourself or not.