Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Igloo Tornado rides again

I can't believe i haven't posted about this yet, i'm slippin. The Igloo Tornado is back in the saddle, they are showing at the Black Maria Gallery in L.A. starting February 23rd. Check the Black Maria website for info and previews.
Scot has a new print for sale right now. Hit him up at his web site Loser Goes 1st. I have the last print he did and it is awesome. I'm not sure what they are but this isn't a poster, the paper is heavy duty and the ink is almost paint like. Get it now.
Scot has several new pieces up on his site, this is probably my favorite.
One of Levon's new pieces. I also like "Whisper", fire breathing Giraffes rock.
Gin does Elvis justice, you can also get him covered in crystals.

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