Thursday, March 27, 2008

MLS season begins, Chelsea still snowed in.

The MLS season starts this weekend, thankfully none of the MLS teams practice on the Chelsea field because this is how it looks as of today. The Canadian channel runs almost all of the Toronto FC games so I have those to look forward to and once I get to Paris I expect to see loots of football.
I caught the Beckham piece on sixty minutes last weekend. It was pretty interesting, I'm impressed that he has the option to buy a team at the end of his contract. They also spent a couple of minutes on his tattoos but the best part of the peace was when he was taking shots on Anderson Cooper.


phil said...

Estoy no simpatico!!!

Flatlander said...

Jack Bell had an article in last week's NYT saying that Montreal could have an MLS franchise as early as next year to provide balance for when Seattle joins.

You can see it here.

It would be sweet to get a team but those early season games would be brutally cold.

Thanks for the tip on CBC. I didn't realize they showed most of the TFC games.