Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mad Max for Muscles over motors

Chloe and I watched The Road Warrior, the second movie in the Mad Max trilogy a couple of nights ago. It sparked some talk about the oil crisis, i'm impressed by how much she knows about the current energy crisis. She pointed out that instead of battling ass chap wearing mohawked punk rockers for gas in the post apocalyptic future she is going to ride her bike. Thank you Mad Max, you've created another biker.
Last night we watched Beyond Thunderdome... we couldn't figure out what it was about.


phil said...

She is getting a fixie with no brakes..

Luke and Kayla said...

Fixie kids are too cool! They are everywhere out here. I just watched Mad Max last week! I guess the homoerotic leather and whip talk is on down the line.