Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giant news

I'm not going to pretend that i don't have a slight Mike Giant/Rebel 8 obsession. With that having been said the new Rebel 8 collection is out at Giant Peach these are my favorites.
Several pieces from the last collection are on sale at Karmaloop, i've got my eye on those socks and you can't go wrong with any of those shirts.
This one might be my favorite(Phil you feelin it?).

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Andrea said...

Great shirts. I'm really glad you started posting about Mike. Good Lord. I think I am slightly obsessed with his art now. Which I am not sure is a good thing....either way great stuff. I checked out the site. Great shirts. It cracks me up that they have socks.

Did you ever hear about if Zack was going to be involved with politics, I heard something about that years ago, and that it was the reason for leaving Rage.