Saturday, December 27, 2008

Le Lesson 2: Nutella

The French don't seem to eat peanut butter but by God they eat a lot of Nutella. So when in Rome... like the French we have switched, in large part, to Nutella. (A tiny jar of Peanut Butter runs about 6 euro,around 8 bucks)
The lesson in this switch to Nutella is this; if you get a little Nutella on your hand or shirt it looks just like shit. This can be terribly confusing if you've just gotten up. About twice a week I have to stop what I'm doing and run it down mentally, like this.
1. Have I taken a shit this morning? No i need a little coffee and a bite first thing so... not mine.
2. Has a child touched me this morning? I'm generally the first one up and if i'm not Liam has woken me and i've automatically made him a bowl of cereal. This is done with no touching so... not ours.
3. Have i touched something D might have touched without washing his hands last night? Alarm clock, sweatpants, coffee press, water pot, coffee cup, cereal bowl, milk. Nope, so...not his.
4. Should i taste this? Why not, ohh it's Nutella. I've been lucky so far.


Luke and Kayla said...

Nutella is soo good! Hilarious lesson! Hey did you know you guys have a local parisian fighting in the ufc tonight? Cheick Kongo, look him up. He looks like he would kick your ass!

kingdomforavoice said...

please please please tell me this is going into your book

Andrea said...

i laughed so hard reading that. good times. i hope that you have continued luck in determining whether or not its Nutella... -!

And Cheick Kongo is a great fighter. James and I both follow the UFC closely. Kongo is the most well known fighter from France. He is a force to reckon with!