Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magda Danysz, tricky time

There is a cool write up of the current show at Magda Danysz, From Style Writing to Art here. The page is in French but the video has English subtitles. We went to the opening and once again had a great time. One of the artist, JonOne remembered me from his solos show a few months ago(probably the beard). We also met Tricky, who music fans will be familiar with. Tricky was hanging out at the opening enjoying the free mojitos. There was some great art on display, the top picture is by Space Invader and made completely of rubik's cubes. Invader is the artist that I most associate with Paris, his tile pieces are all over town, sometimes nice and large and sometimes small and tucked away in an obscure place. The opening also market th release of a book on graffiti styles and artists put out by the gallery, the book rocks.
One more time, the king of Trip-hop, Tricky. He was really nice and not creepy or minicing like you might expect from his albums. He was impressed that we live in the neighborhood.

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