Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Iron & Wine

After years of nothing (Around the Well wasn't new material), there is a lot of cool stuff happening with Iron & Wine in the next few months. Sam Beam dropped a pretty amazing single last Friday for the black Friday Record Store Day event. The track, Walking Far From Home, is streaming on the Iron & Wine myspace page (there's still a myspace?). Check it out, this is another big musical leap forward for Sam.
The new album Kiss Each Other Clean drops here in Europe on January 24th and in the states a day later. Check out the track listing for the new album. There's a song called Monkeys Uptown, how kick ass does that sound?

Walking Far From Home
Me And Lazarus
Tree By The River
Monkeys Uptown
Half Moon
Rabbit Will Run
Godless Brother In Love
Big Burned Hand
Glad Man Singing
Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

Iron & Wine hit the road in January and will be playing a show in Paris at Alhambra on February 17th. This is one of the bands on my Must-See-Before-I-Die list (the Pixies were a long shot on the list for years but were finally crossed off) so I'll be making a big effort to make it to this show. If the countless bootleg shows i've listened to are any indication it should be a hell of a show. I've narrowly missed seeing the band twice and have kicked myself ever since so keep your fingers crossed.

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