Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freelance Whales Fleche D'or

The problem with my blogging is if I don't write up something immediately there is a good chance that I'll forget it for a week or so. My wife and I caught the Freelance Whales and The Broken Records at Fleche D'or on February 12th.
Fleche d'or is a great venue, super small, great sound and the beer is cold. Pretty much all you could want in a venue plus it's within walking distance of my apartment.

A pretty cool band that I've completely forgotten the name of opened the show. They were a French band but they sang in English. Their English was so good that I was surprised that they were speaking French between songs. I'll try to track down the name.
The Broken Records were in the middle slot. They are a great band, so great that I thought they may have blown the Freelance Whales off the stage. They had an intense sound with a violin that added an amazing amount of texture to the music. It was one of those sounds that just roll over you in waves.
I shouldn't have worried about the Freelance Whales, they put on a kick ass show. The fact that the Freelance Whale music is so different then the Broken Records rock sound really helped. Their album sound translated really well to a live setting. They ran through every song on their album and they actually said at the end of the show that they had played every song they knew. I've said it before, shows are so much more fun when the band is having a good time on stage and the Freelance Whales were having a ball.

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