Thursday, September 06, 2012

Missing You

I miss the iphone. When I was in Oklahoma for a couple of weeks I got to use an iphone. It was pretty awesome. I have had a "burner" for the four years I've lived in Paris and never thought twice about it. Granted I only have about four people who ever call but I text regularly and like to be in contact in case one of the kid's schools call.

I used the hell out of google maps while I had the iphone. I can't imagine how handy it would be here in Paris. I do have friends here that use the iphone in the car which is a must with all of the tiny, one way, name changing streets. But I have a pocket map of Paris that I've used to find ever destination in Paris plus I've put lots of cool stickers on the covers so maybe the physical map wins in this category.

Having a place to jot down notes with me at all time was cool. In Paris I carry a small moleskin pocket notebook. I guess the advantage there is that I can draw pictures in it and if I need to leave a note on someone's door I can just tear out a page. On the other hand, when I fill one up I put it on a shelf and don't have all the door codes, story ideas, quotes and tattoo sketches with me anymore.

The camera on the iphone is great. I carry a point and shoot digital camera right now that takes pretty good pictures but I don't always remember to bring it with me. A big plus for the iphone is that concert and party venues will often not allow cameras but they always seem to let in phones. It's not a problem I run into too often but it really chafes when I want to take a picture and don't have a camera with me.

Texting is all anyone does here and having a phone with a keyboard like the iphone makes it tonnes easier. With the crappy phone I have now I type so slowly that the person I am texting is often several texts on before I can answer the first one. This makes for some pretty bizarre conversations but I just have to assume everyone I text is used to it at this point.

The biggest advantage of the iphone is that you have everything wrapped up into one device. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before you can use it to open your door and then it can truly be the only thing in your pocket. Luckily in Paris guys can carry purses so for now I'm all right hauling all my stuff around.

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