Sunday, January 28, 2007


I tend to think of myself as a decent mixtape creator. I acknowledge the fact that one of my failings is that I don't always think about what the songs are actually saying. My strategy is to put a bunch of songs on that i like and i know that the person I'm making the tape for doesn't hate(except for Dashboard, i love him and i will bombard you with his music until you capitulate). It's always nice to throw on a couple of old favorites mixed with some new stuff that you know they haven't heard yet. I don't subscribe to any certain sonic mix. My wife likes to make mixes with a really soft song followed by a really loud song. Some people i know prefer the slow build, I just want it to sound like the greatest radio station ever.
A few days ago I felt like making a tape for my wife of twelve years. Now I've made tons of tapes for her over the years(even when the mixtapes were actually on tape) and I usually remember that she listens to the words. Anyway here is the track list of the mix i made for her.
1. All the Right Reasons - The Jayhawks = Our song as picked by G!, can't go wrong here.
2. My Lady's House - Iron & Wine = Title says it all.
3. Neighborhood #1(Tunnels) - The Arcade Fire = Any Arcade Fire song song will work.
4. New Slang - The Shins = Another of her favorite bands.
5. The Trapeze Swinger - Iron & Wine = One of my favorite songs. So i might have broken an unspoken rule of mixtape making "One song per band" but the whole desire to travel thing happening in the song reminds me of her so she won't mind.
6. Chinese Translation - M. Ward = She loves M. Ward but hasn't spent too much time with the new album.
7. Like Castanets - Bishop Allen = I know she likes this song because i put it on a mix for Sarah and she really dug it.
8. Did I Tell You - The Spinto Band = These kids upbeat songs are always winners.
9. Your the only girl - Mark Geary = Once again the title says it all.
10. Lua - Bright Eyes = Another of her favorites.
11. Older Chests - Damien Rice = Bringin it down a notch with a slow burner from Rice.
12. Painter in Your Pocket - Destroyer = From one of her favorite albums of the year.
13. As Lovers Go = Dashboard Confessional = I know she doesn't like Dashboard but i do. And listen to the words!
14. Tropical Ice Land - The Fiery Furnaces = Lets bring it back up with a goofy upbeat number.
15. The Bucket - Kings of Leon = Lets rock.
16. Balled of Paul and Sheila - Mason Jennings = Beautiful song about relationships that last.
17. Like U Crazy - Mates of State = I believe the title says it all once again.
18. Jen is bringin the drugs - Margot and the Nuclear so and so = A new song that i love.
19. King of Birds - R.E.M. = Her all time favorite band.
20. Better - Regina Spektor = Strong finish.

So did you spot the problem? Yea, it's the Spinto Band song. Listen carefully to Did I Tell You. I admit I just love the way it sounds. I knew the first verse pretty well but not much after that, Upon review the chorus popped out at me, whoops.


lua said...

all good but the dashboard...good thing it is a cd and can easily skip around. i also thought more thought went into Tunnels- but whatever. thank you. I love it- and you.

sumobeats said...

Your mix tapes are legendary!! It's how I get new music!!