Wednesday, March 14, 2007

L.A. The Goods

Scot got the new Air Max I Skull's pack.
The shirt from Supreme. What we didn't realize was that it said "suck my cunt" on the back. Lisa loved it and gretchen felt the same way.
I picked up the Air Max 90's St. Patrick's, a quick strike that i didn't think i'd have any chance of finding. The big question is "will i wear them all year round" and since i rarely match i'd say "yes". (The shamrocks don't stand out as much when i have them on.)


losergoes1st said...

a good time was had by all! too bad we didn't get picts from Bar 107, Jumbo's Clownroom, or Bigfoot Lodge.

sumobeats said...

The kicks are awesome! Your street cred points went up on that one!

Ryan said...

I want to see pics of the 40's