Wednesday, March 14, 2007

L.A. day by day

Just back from an amazing weekend in L.A., Wasting no time the first night we had some great Mexican food and margaritas(something completely absent from the state of Vermont) and then hit a famous strip club. I got to bed about 5:30 east coast time.
The first full day was spent shopping for shoes.Brooklyn Projects for nike sbs. Next door was a shop with great I love L.a. shirts but instead of love there was a machine pistol, they were $50.
SLB was where i found a great pair of Levis on sale. This place is owned by pro skater Sal Barbier and lay out and looks wise it was my favorite spot but no shoes. Right next door is Flight Club L.A., i was too overwhelmed to take any pictures. Down the side street is The Hundreds, i didn't take a picture there because the shop is the size of a closet. Supreme is also right down the block, Scot got an awesome t-shirt there.
Undefeated Silverlake, probably my favorite shop we visited. I think we hit something like seven shops in all including the Undefeated in Santa Monica where i bought my shoes of the trip.

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