Monday, April 16, 2007

Bright Eyes Cassadaga

Right after Fevers and Mirrors came out i made a mix CD of my favorite bright eyes songs and titled it "Bright Eyes Boy Wonder" not real original but oh so fitting. Conor has come through once again on his latest full length Cassadaga. The things we love about Bright eyes are there, biting self aware lyrics,the emotion filled voice but on this disc we also get strings! Honestly this is the most even and balanced disc Conor and the gang have ever put out. In addition to the regular crew, Mike Mogis, M. Ward, Conor has rounded up some impressive names, David Rawlings, Gillian Welch, Rachael Yamagata, Maria Taylor and Janet Weiss. I give it high marks all around.
This is a disc that you need to physically buy not download. The packaging is like nothing you've ever experience, well maybe years ago in a completely different setting. Get it today, it's on sale at several places.

Download - Bright Eyes - If the brakeman turns my way
Download - Bright Eyes - Make a plan to love me

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