Sunday, April 08, 2007


Last weekend the kids and i (Gretchen had to study)headed over to a friends house to see how the whole maple syrup making process works. The farm we went to was on the east side of the East Hill in Chelsea. We had to navigate several miles of what had once been dirt roads. At a few points in the drive i was mentally deciding which child i could put behind the wheel of the car as the rest of us pushed. With a new understanding of the phrase "mud season" we made it to the sugar shack. Liam was convinced that we were in the jungle and spent the rest of the visit looking for elephants(he didn't find any). The snow was still deep as we headed out to gather sap. Eric taps 220 trees and we checked 110. I can't really explain how great boiling sap smells and i won't even touch the taste of syrup right out of the evaporating tray, amazing.


sumobeats said...

Hot Damn, sounds awesome!!

ryan said...

did you hum "sugar shack"