Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eiffel Tower: The Big Phallic Lie

Happy man, Big historic tower, what's wrong with this picture? The damn thing is brown, tan to be precise. Where is the big black tower that I've been envisioning all these years. The Eiffel Tower is dead to me now. Notice the smile on my face, I'm in denial at this point.
This picture was taken later in the day, notice how the tower appears black. At this point I've moved on to anger.
Here i am at the Palais De Tokyo while the tower mocks me in the background. At this point in in the paranoid stage.
Stupid tan monument.


Sarah said...

You crack me up. See you in a week!

Ryan said...

I bet they painted it when they knew you were coming and are now painting it back in black

i hate helvetica said...

hey, finally got one rolling. always enjoy the photos. have you heard the 2 new ryan adams songs?

Just scroll down a couple.