Monday, September 10, 2007

Damn! hell! crap!

If you haven't seen this great piece in the Onion concerning Pitchfork then check it out here.
Have you seen this post at False 45th? Expect lots more f bombs and photos of tits.


Flatlander said...

I just checked and it's holding steady at PG. Perhaps try embedding some videos from xtube.

By the way, the Sports Shoe Center on the Barre-Montpelier Rd is going out of business. Everything is marked down 10% at this point but that discount will probably grow over the next few weeks. It may be worth checking out. The store is in the same shopping center as Radio Shack, Peter Glen and Big Lots; to the Montpelier side of McDonald's.

i bring the beats said...

I saw her preform on Conan..... really really good. Iim hoping to get my hands on her album soooooon.

i bring the beats said...

how is she even able to parade about like that? crazy.

G! said...

I don't (fuck) think "breasts" were a listed (fuck) factor...but I know you (fuck) will use this as (fuck) a reason to post more (fuck) breasts anyway...(fuck)