Sunday, September 16, 2007

I just want your dinosaur head

Here at my house we have all been listening to Tegan and Sara's new album The Con quite a bit. My youngest is in love with the song Back in your head. He loves the video but it is a little off putting to hear him yell "Look out for the black guys" or "Oh no, where are all the white guys?" He has also decided that he likes Sara but not Tegan. This has lead to him yelling "Don't look at me" during Tegan's brief appearances in the video. He has actually watched the video so many times that he can give a running commentary when we are listening to it in the car, "the balloons are falling", "they are running down the stairs" etc... He also has a thing for dinosaurs which lead him to rewrite the words into "I just want your dinosaur head". You can't tell me that doesn't rock.
That having been said i think everyone in my family would recommend both the album and the video.

Another note on my kids and music, while getting a band aid for a scraped knee(bicycle crash) for my daughter the other day i could hear her comforting herself by softly singing The Crane Wife 1 and 2 by the Decemberists.
I'm also missing(sniff) the Iron and Wine show in Montreal due to her first soccer game.


OKRyan said...

Your are not meant to see Iron & Wine

i bring the beats said...

i love love love the new album....
Sweet video.
james and i are hooked on the con. its like crystal bursts and rotting teeth.... i am hoping to go see them in november in dallas for callies birthday. you have the coolest kids. thats a fact. Chloe rocks socks. I got The Reminder. Very nice. After seeing her on Conan I had to have it the next day. Did you see that Ryan Adams sold out?!?! Eeeee!!!!

Flatlander said...

I'm missing the show due to Back-to-School Night at my son's kindergarten class. Being a parent can really mess with your fandom.