Friday, October 05, 2007

Beirut in Montreal

As usual I'm late with this post but i had a good friend in town so... We were able to catch Beirut's second night (of three) at La Salla Rossa in Montreal. It was my first time in that venue and it was very intimate. I'm guessing the room held 250 or so and it was sold out. The show was right on. I expected it to be a reeling sloppy mess and it was and it was perfect.
I don't know the names of many Beirut songs but i know we heard Nantes, Elephant Gun(my favorite song), A Sunday Smile and Idle Days. Everything sounded great, just like the studio tracks but better. After Elephant Gun ended they were setting up for the next song when one guy started singing the humming part at the end and the band actually took it up and played a few more minutes of the song! Elephant Gun being my favorite track i was flipping out! You can probably tell from the pictures but I'll lay it out, they played the last song of the night on the floor. It was funny, i could see one of the horn players gesture to the floor from the stage and Zach just shrugged and grabbed his mike and climbed down along with the rest of the band.
The Flying Club Cup site has a video performance for almost every song on the album, it's a must see.

p.s. Thanks to Sam for the pictures.


OKRyan said...

I made a mix for someone at work and Elephant Gun was on it and they loved it. Also did you get the new Paste with the interview

Flatlander said...

That looks and sounds like it was a fantastic show. Also gald to hear that La Sala Rossa actually had your tickets. Ha!