Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Del the Funky Homosapien Who threw that?

My wife and i decided to go to the Del show at Higher ground Sunday night at the last minute. After a rare day with no time spent on the law we decided to cap it off with something just for us, it was either 2 days in Paris(which was showing in Montpelier) or Del. We opted for Del, i'd been really wanting to go for quite awhile but with Gretchen's appellate shit fast approaching it's due date it looked like she would be spending Sunday evening in the library(yes she is in the library until midnight most nights).
Over all the show was great, it probably worked out to about $2 per group so we defiantly got our money's worth. The crowd was pretty interesting, not a hipster in sight but several hippie kids and almost all young and white.
The show started with Hieroglyphics newest member Knowbody. He was good in the non gangster not quite full of himself backpacker style. Then came a couple of white kids from Brooklyn that were good(Gretchen thought one sounded like Ad Rock) Next up was Junk Science, another three piece suited brooklynite. He sounded great and really invited a lot of crowd participation. Next was Bukue 1 who next to Del was probably my favorite. He went out of his way to make it known that he was a rapper, graffiti artist and skateboarder and at one point he did the sprinkler. He was a lot of fun with a couple of forays into a dancehall reggae style. At one point we had to shout cheddar and butter repeatedly.
And then it got weird. Devin the Dude and the Coughee Brothaz took the stage and as Gretchen put it things got "surreal", it was more cartoonish than anything else but let me run through their set with you. The first three songs were about weed(they are heavily in favor of legalizing it and smoking as much as possible regardless). The next song was about pussy and weed. Then there were two more songs about just pussy(one was accapella) followed by one dedicated to fucking fat chicks("too much pork for one fork" being the standout line) at that point my wife stepped out. Another song about weed and then one about weed and blowjobs and then one about the economy(bums now ask for three dollars instead of one) at that point i got another beer and gave it my full attention. Keep in mind that i've been to a Cyprus Hill show.
Del hit the stage at midnight. He came on strong(like it was the nine deuce) performing everything i wanted t hear, Mistadobalina, Dr. Bombay, False Alarm, Ahonetwo, and Virus from the Deltron album and ended it with Clint Eastwood from the Gorillaz album mixed in were several new songs from his upcoming album, the 11th Hour. The concert ended a bit strangely when apparently someone in the crowd threw something at the DJ causing Del and his sidekick A Plus to freak out. A plus went on a triad while Del repeated Who threw that over and over, for a couple of minutes i thought t was a new song because the DJ had a beat going at the time. After another lecture from aplus and then one from Del which included him pointing out that it was a peaceful gathering and then offering an ass kicking to the thrower he had everyone give then peace sign said he had one more song to do and then walked off stage.

Download - Del - Mistadobolina


G! said...

Nice run down, overall. Great show. Just one question: have you given up on capitalization? Rules of grammar that you used to teach? Just an observation...I am on Law Review, you know. This shit wouldn't cut it @ VLS...

sumobeats said...

Sounds like a good time! Del will always come through even after pussy and weed retards... Not that pussy and weed is retarded... Just unoriginal cats.

phil said...

Grammar is for losers! I do what I want!! I will use alot or a lot and I use them a lot!! Lawyers!!! Huh! Iam gonna sue them all. Espicially that g person. Who does he think he is.