Thursday, April 03, 2008

R.E.M. plays Boston kicks me in the wallet.

Yesterday I payed more for a concert ticket then i ever have before, in fact i bought two of them. I guess that's not technically true, Austin City Limits cost more but that was a lot of bands and multiple days.
I have two tickets for the R.E.M. show in Boston on 6-13-08. The Athens boys are touring on their strongest most rocking album in years. The seats are on the floor and as a big added bonus Modest Mouse and The National are both opening the show. I've wanted to see the National for quite awhile, R.E.M. has put on a great show every time i've seen them and Modest Mouse were shit the only time I caught them live. If R.E.M.s Dublin shows are any indication, this should be a great show.

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