Monday, April 07, 2008

A Sick day conversation

My kids were sick most of last week, my youngest and i had a conversation in the car at one point that i feel like i have to write down.
L: Where is it ok to throw up?
Me: The toilet.
L: I threw up in the trash can at school.
me: That's ok too but the toilet is better.
L: Where can i throw up outside?
Me: I guess on the grass is alright.
L: What if it gets frozen and someone slips and falls in it?
Me: That would be bad, i guess you should try to throw up away from where people walk.
L: Ok.
Several minutes pass.
L: I better not throw up at the zoo because the animals might eat it, is it ok if the animals eat my throw up?
Me: It would probably make them sick.
L: So i better not throw up at the zoo right?
Me: Right.
L: How about at a farm? I probably better not throw up there either.
Me: Probably not.
Several minutes pass.
L: Would an elephant eat my throw up with his trunk?
Me: I'm not talking about this.


phil said...

I don't get it what is weird about that conversation? I mean I talk to myself about this stuff all the time.

jds said...

i love this