Friday, June 27, 2008

A brief update

Things have been incredibly busy with packing, discarding, shopping and cursing the visa process and the exchange rate so the posts have been lacking. A big sorry to the two people that read this.
Some days i've just got to give my ipod props. I rarely listen to it on anything but shuffle and although I use less that half of its 60 Gig capacity i end up having to skip over things i'm not in the mood to hear, but some days it seems to be hardwired into my brain and only plays things i love to hear right then.
I need to do a full write up of the R.E.M. show, it was tits.
I did find time to get to the tattoo shop.
Phil is here for the heavy lifting and whip cracking but i keep distracting him with tattoos and stuff.

1 comment:

Luke and Kayla said...

Need more posts, when you have time of course! New ink makes old in "old". I need to get some touch-up work done.