Friday, June 06, 2008

False 45th Record Club

G! and i attended the False 45th record club blowout at the Black Door in Montpelier on Tuesday. What a great event, we heard lots of cool music and met lots of really awesome people. The music choices were really all over the place making for a very diverse mix. Everyone submitted two songs and the False 45th crew put a mix together that we all got copies of. I chose American Girl by Tom Petty simply because it is an awesome song. I've always thought that this track is the sound that the Strokes were trying to get on their first album. My other pick was The Slow Descent into Alcoholism by The New Pornographers. I chose it because it's a great track by a great band and I always thought it would be funny to hear that track in a bar... and it was.
G! didn't submit any songs so on the way home we discussed what her choices would have been. Her choices would have been Ecoutez bien by Eux Autres and maybe I wanna be your Lover by Prince. Those were tentatively arrived at after 30 more were proposed and then withdrawn.

We also checked out the bike art that is displayed around town.

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