Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ryan and Mandy sittin in a tree

Well several semi credible sources are reporting that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore are engaged. I for one think that's great, he's awesome, she's wicked hot and i assume they are both happy so more power to them. It isn't a shock, they've been seen together off and on for at least a year and if she is part of the reason that he's cleaned up and seemingly got his shit together then god bless her.
Now the important thing is what does this mean for his music career that was (possibly) being put on hold? I'd guess that this will have a positive effect on his desire to make music although we may not see him on the road as much as in the past. Mandy seems like a very centered, level headed woman and that is just what he needs. I'm also a little excited about what this means for her music career, she has a great voice and his influence could really push her in a direction that RA fans would appreciate. Now about getting an invite to the wedding...


Julia said...

I heard about this engagement the other day, and I was wandering if you knew. I loved Mandy when she was teen pop, and I love her even more now that she is more grown up and sophisticated. (her last CD Wild Hope was awesome...even a little angst-y)
Yay for Mandy Moore and good for Ryan Adams. I hope they are both happy for a long long time! :)
PS- "Gardenia" is my fave song from Wild Hope. My all time fave song of hers though, has to be either Candy or Pennies in My Pocket, both came out when I was in HS and I still listen to them both on a regular basis, haha!

Andrea said...

Yeah whatever. I hope they make each other happy or something like this....I still have a chance this month to make my move! Lets hope I don't get escorted out by security.
Oh this is what it sounds like when doves cry.

*pouty behavior is going to be happening for awhile...*

Sidebar: Whats up with Wolfmother changing their name to White Feather? WTF? The lameometer is now broken.