Friday, February 27, 2009

The Switch

Phil got me a great Chrome messenger bag so I had to do a switch, I was a little amazed at how much stuff I had in there. Here's the rundown, clockwise :
1. Baby wipes (my kids attracted dirt before we moved to a city where they could touch things that 4 million other people had touched)
2. Lemon wipes (anytime I'm offered these at a restaurant I take them).
3. Emergency scarf (It seems like it's 10 degrees cooler in the 15th)
4. The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln (He haunts me).
5. Tissues and Handkerchief (We are a snotty bunch)
6. Plastic bag (There is no such thing as a doggy bag in France and with my kids ordering trackrecord...)
7. Green squishy thing (Dylan needs this from time to time)
8. Tickets to the Miro/Picasso exhibit (That's cool right?)
9. I.D. for Dylan
10. Metro tickets and my Navgo card (because you've gotta get around)
11. Sunglasses
12. Water
13. Moleskine (I have two because one is full but has addresses and stuff that I need)
14. Paris map (even Parisians carry these.)
15. A tiny compass (this thing comes in handy)


G said...

I almost asked where your camera was, but then I realized you were using it...

You are so freaking handy. Like a boyscout.

phil said...

Boyscouts are gay with there little shorts and tube sock. Huh! I knew it. Does G know that you like boys?

Andrea said...

It was realllllllly dark the whole time, one song they nearly blinded us with flashing lights, but that was about it. there was some odd wavy circles that they put up. but the lights as far as a show were weak sauce. I made you something i uploaded it on the blogaroo. Ill be away for a few days, no internet at home. i took off the rest of the week for James birthday palooza.


sidebar: kick ass new bag. (the old one was kick ass too....)