Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lisa Hannigan Sea Sew

I listened to the unbelievably cute Lisa Hannigan's latest album Sea Sew on the metro today. The challenge to listening to something on the metro is that it has to be pretty engaging to compete with a group of Hare Krishnas or a crazy eyed Frenchwoman eyeing the seat next to one of your kids.
I only know Hannigan from her amazingly beautiful work with Damian Rice and was expecting the same sort of sound from this solo album. I was pleasently surprised to find that this album isn't simply a one note production capitulizing on her work with Rice. While the album has its slow and delicate parts she quickly reveals a real heartfelt, playful sound. At several points in the album she brought to mind Edie Brickell(I mean that as a compliment). I've gotta say it held up very well on a chaotic metro ride.

You gotta love an Iron & Wine cover.

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