Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pixies Music relaunch

One of my favorite bands of all time are up to some pretty cool stuff. The Pixies have re vamped and relaunched their web site Pixiesmusic. The site looks great, they've obviously put some thought into it. All the usual components are there, merch links, tour info and current news but the band sets this site apart in a couple of cool ways.
They have shows available for download. If you sign up to the mailing list you get one for free. All the shows are priced at 3.99 USD for the digital download or the CD plus the download. The site says that they plan to release a new show every week. So far they cover a huge span of time, one show from '88 and two from '04. I might have to buy the shows I saw.
Another cool feature is the gigography where fans can upload pictures and video of shows and make them available for everyone else in the pixies universe. I'm gonna have to dig out my old pictures, I wonder if they want shots from Frank's solo acoustic show I attended before the band had officially broken up?
One last note, if anyone wants to get me a super awesome Christmas present the band still has the super deluxe "limited edition" of their minotaur package that contains all the pixies stuff you could ever need for just 449.99 USD.

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