Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jeans, Proof of God

Only divine inspiration could lead to something as amazing as the Fresh Jive "The Hellions" fleece jeans. Just look at that, a jean cut but sweatpants material. I have two pairs of sweatpants courtesy of my good buddy Union Shane but this being Paris I've never worn them outside the house in fear that the Parisians would throw stones at me because of my fashion faux pas. But these are the answer, I'm assuming they are as comfy as sweats but still look like a great pair of jeans. They come in the classic gray or a darker charcoal color. Nice work Fresh jive.
Now if anyone wants to buy me a pair I would probably take a 38 since I like my sweats and jeans loose and these are based on Fresh Jive's slim cut hellions jean.
Get 'em here in gray or here in charcoal which for some reason are 4 dollars more.

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labatterie said...

still has a sunburn?