Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Storage War$ Rundown Episode Four

Not in it to win it.
Storage War$ still has my complete attention with its riveting drama and unanswered questions. Who will win that sweet locker? Did Barry take his meds today? Why is big breasted Brandi still with Jarrod? When will Darrell purchase some sunscreen? It took all my willpower not to power through all the episodes I have on my computer.
After taking an episode off Barry was back and on his meds for the time being. Don't fret, he was crazy enough to wear skeleton gloves and bid on a locker that was full of items from a beauty salon. The irony of Barry's purchase is that in it he found a mini piano and in his last episode he had a midget with him, what I would give to see his little person friend playing that little piano.

Barry commented on the fact that he was all alone at this auction more than once. On one hand I feel a little sorry for Barry having to auction by himself but on the other hand this makes me almost certain that Barry will have awesome partners in tow in future episodes.
I don't have much to say about Dave, he continued to mogul. Dave did talk shit quite a bit and ran up bids, clearly he is the villain of the series. My man Darrell did manage to figure out Dave's tell, simply put, when he is interested in something he criticizes it. The producers set this up nicely with Darrell breaking down Dave's strategy followed by Dave explaining the strategy like it was genius.
For the sweet love of Christ, give me sunscreen!
Yes, Darrell is still sun burnt, either this entire series was shot in one week or he doesn't care for his skin at all. Besides his brilliant insight into Dave's strategy Darrell admits to stupidity in this episode. His admission turns out to be misplaced because he scores a sports memorabilia collection amongst a locker full of junk that he was purportedly stupid for buying.
Jarrod and Brandi ended up not buying a locker this week but not for lack of trying or maybe it was from lack of trying. Brandi was very interested in the "salon unit" that Barry ended up with and instructed Jarrod to get it. Jarrod admitted to the camera that he was only bidding to shut Brandi up but didn't really want it. Brandi quickly caught on to the fact that he was not in it to win it and took over the bidding herself but without Jarrod's support dropped out early, she was not pleased.

The greatest moment in the show came at the very end, after Jarrod explains to Brandi how the auction works with a series of cliches she looks at the camera in the interview and says "Yeah, that's the father of my children."

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