Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forbidden $torage

I had to stop and ask myself if I had time in my life for another show about people bidding on storage lockers and after a few minutes of introspection and prioritizing the answer was a resounding "YES". In a nutshell this is just like $torage Wars but with more cursing, fights and less developed characters.
The age old debate, piece it out or one money?
As near as I can tell the strategy here is to take $torage Wars and amp it up as much as possible. Above we have the "Beantown Bidders" who travel around the country buying up storage lockers.
Squeezing people
The auctioneer in this series is more of a character then in $torage Wars. At one point he talks about milking the bear. It should be noted that right after a locker is sold he goes into it with the buyer and goes through it with them, I'm still not sure I like this set up.
Papa Bear's victory dance
This is the Bear that gets milked, more specifically this is Papa Bear. He bought a locker filled with crazy bondage gear. There is also a "pawnshop pro" who, so far, is a bigger asshole than Dave from $torage Wars. I expect great things from his seeing as how he almost got in a fight in this first episode.
Professional appraiser
The appraisers may be one of the highlights on the show. Would you trust the judgment of a man in a fringed jacket if her were appraising anything other than fringe jackets? I plan on staying tuned and seeing how this series develops.

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Anonymous said...

Great Review accurate as well,and very fair, quick notation the show was being filmed before Storage Wars had a cast,the Forbidden started filming April 2010 Storage Wars started June 2010