Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iron & Wine L'Alhambra Fevrier 17

I was able to catch Iron & Wine here in Paris at l'alhambra on the seventeenth for the last date of this leg of the tour. As I've said here before I really like the new album and they played a nice selection from it including one of my favorites Tree by the River.
Sam is touring with a full on band so he didn't do many of his quieter songs although he came out alone for the encore and did Flightless Bird, American Mouth. The full band allowed him to rework some of his older material, The Sea and the Rhythm was almost unrecognizable, but in a good way, and Lions Mane sounded really good sped up and given a little funk.

Sam mentioned that this was the last show of a longer than usual tour for them and they were feeling tired but it didn't show. It seems like the best live shows are when the band is having fun and the band was having a blast. The horn player and the roadie danced almost the entire time, after his solos the horn guy would be so excited he would dance a little jig, it was great to see. Sam even did a dance during some of the jammed out sections. The Guitarist looked like Gene Ween which counts for bonus awesome points in my book.

A little bit of Boy with a Coin.
All in all it was an amazing show. Iron & Wine have been on my "must see" list for years and the wait was well worth it although now that I've had a fix I want more. They fire uo the tour once again in about a month hitting England before heading back to the states, go out and see them.

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