Friday, February 18, 2011

Shuffle 4 mardi 8 fevrier 2011

Drinks in fancy glasses
I got the chance to attend a universal music showcase consisting of two known signed acts and a few prospective bands. The event was pretty cool, it was in a nice venue and the drinks were free.

Aude rocking
The line up consisted of Wladimir, Housse De Racket, Marvin, Aude Henneville and Arthur Le Forestier with the headliners Fefe and Coco Royal & Jenifer.

Fefe doing his thing and doing it well.
Fefe is an established act and really stole the show. The difference in his performance and the new bands was pronounced, he owned the stage and worked the crowd very effectively. His Micheal Jackson cover drove the Jackson crazed French crazy.

Fefe had the crowd moving.
I really felt for the new acts in the showcase, they only had two songs to impress a music industry heavy audience. That's a high pressure situation, no warm up for a performance that could potentially kick start a career, so much respect for them.

Housse De Racket
That having been said, there was only one group that I really liked from the crop of newcomers, Housse De Racket(that translates to Tennis bag). They have a big indie rock sound that was pretty cool and they got up to speed within the two song limit. Some of the other bands were ok for what they were doing , singer songwriter, bluesy chick rock, another singer songwriter they just didn't quite have that undefinable something.

Jenifer wearing tight pants
Once again big thanks for my girl at universal.

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