Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How soon is now?

Last night's show was spectacular. One of my best concert experiences ever, I love it when these groups that I worshiped in high school come out and prove that they still have it.
This was the first show of Moz's tour for the new album Ringleader of the tormentors(or Cheerleader of the tormentors as he called it during the show) so I was a little nervous about the quality and length of the show but it turned out to be great on both counts. It was really a sensory overload so there wasn't a lot of coherence to the night but here are the things that I clearly remember.
  • Somehow I ended up driving.
  • Ryan spilled beer all over the car.
  • Tiger Army was a vaguely skinheadish pychobilly band that was loud and pretty good.
  • G! cried.
  • I saw a Hitler Mime- I shit you not, I was even sober at that point. G! and Ryan also saw him.
  • Morrissey owns the stage.
  • They weren't selling six-packs
  • Morrissey's band wore black v neck sweaters.
  • Morrissey has fans from all walks of life, from old gay dudes to skinheads and hardcore straight edgers.
  • G! screamed.
  • Morrissey had a kick ass t-shirt for sale for forty dollars... a t-shirt.
  • I was tempted by that t-shirt.
  • I screamed and laughed maniacally when Morrissey appeared.
  • Moz changed shirts three times. Blue ruffly shirt-black button up(which he ripped off and threw into the crowd)- pink striped button down.
  • G! found Britten and Jeff.
  • Phil asked G! and Ryan for a birthday blow job
  • G! jumped up and down a lot.
  • G! found Karen and a girl with massive, white cleavage.
  • Morrissey had a huge gong on stage.
  • Ryan had a sexual encounter with a short Hispanic fellow with a tiny mustache.
  • G! used a skinhead to plow to the front of the stage.
  • Morrissey looks good!
  • Dave makes an awesome chocolate cake
  • Phil was wicked drunk.

    You have killed me(Opener)
    Girlfriend in a coma
    How Soon is now?
    Make the boy happy
    English blood, Irish Heart.

Everyday is like Sunday
First of the gang to die

G! and Ryan what else did he play? Phil remembers very little.


ryan said...

You Have Killed Me / Still Ill / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / Irish Blood, English Heart / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / I Have Forgiven Jesus / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Reader Meet Author / Life Is A Pigsty / Let Me Kiss You / Trouble Loves Me / How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Suedehead / At Last I Am Born // Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

ryan said...

you forgot where I may have fathered a child & the cd rack/bottle opener

kingdomforavoice said...

damn you're good

SpanksVosse said...

Nice set list. I don't believe I ever saw a show at Cain's...is it general admission or are their assigned seating? So G! plowed to the front! That's awesome.

sumobeats said...

That set list makes me want to cry... I'm jealous. Maybe i should move more often so good shows will start coming thru...

sumobeats said...

Did any one try to beat you up for using caffeine or alcohol? Militant straight edgers RULE!

lua said...

i am crafty in my old age. you forgot to mention that morrissey could not stop looking at me.