Saturday, July 08, 2006

Black Keys

The Black Keys have been floating around the music scene for a few years, each album getting better that the last. The have a new disc coming out in the next couple of months which will be a must for any music fan. Sarah and I got to here a few songs from the new album and they are fantastic. Here are the boys at the Taste of Randolph Street concert in Chicago. It looks like we were a lot farther away then we were. Everyone but the sorority girl standing next to Sarah were entertained.
Dan tearing it down at the Green Door in OKC. Notice his amazing guitar, it was a Fender with a kick ass leather pick guard. The Leather was tooled and looked like your grandpa's belt(If your grandpa was a farmer and miner from Oklahoma).
Patrick about to break a stick which will hurtle towards our heads much to our delight. If your ever at okryan's ask him to see his framed signed poster and drumstick, it is sick.
Once again Dan gets down at Stubb's in Austin. Dig that guitar one more time.

What can I say about the Black Keys that you don't already know? Akron, Ohio white kids playing rocked out blues pretty much sums it up. I've seen them three times and they have blown my socks off each time. I can't believe that they haven't blown up yet, they are incredibly nice, good looking(important in today's music scene) and the music is amazing. I guess each time I've seen them they've been in a bigger venue. The first show was in a tiny OKC club called the Green Door. We were so close that we were actually leaning against the stage and getting pelted with broken drumsticks. We also got to meet both of them and talk for a few minutes. They were both very nice and appreciative. The second show was at Stubb's in Austin, Texas opening for the Arcade Fire. The last time I saw them was a few weeks ago at the Tastes of Randolph Street festival in Chicago. Again they rocked a very large outdoor crowd.

Has everyone checked out The Black Keys latest project Chulahoma? It's an entire ep of Jr. Kimbrough covers.

Check it out.

1. Keep your hands off her

2. Have Mercy on Me

3. Work Me

4. Meet Me in the City

5. Nobody but you

6. My Mind is Ramblin

7. Junior's widow

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