Friday, July 28, 2006

New stuff

Look at these new possible releases from the Jordan camp. I'm trying not to get real obsessed with them since they may never come out(these are samples) and if they do come out it will be next year. And besides that I'm broke. But just look at how sick those are, basically Jordan V's but with the elephant print from the III's and those wicked colors. In other new stuff news Scot my sneaker lovin artist friend from L.A. is putting it down one two blogs. They are both art related and currently both feature ninjas. Check out his personal page at or his collaboration site and while you're at it go buy some of his awesome pieces at as you all know we own two great pieces of his. Scot's stuff is colorful and whimsical and at the same time a little fucked-up. Get you some today.


losergoes1st said...

those jordans have your name written all over them. i'll bet we see em next year (start saving yur pennies).
thanks so much (again) for the props, the igloo tornado is hotter than the freakin heat wave!

ryan said...

those sneakers are off the chain!
they would be crazy not to put them out