Sunday, June 17, 2007

Arcade Fire/ St. Vincent Montreal

I just realized that I haven't posted this review of the Arcade Fire show G! and I attended last month. Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger.
The Arcade Fire's homecoming gig took place in the Maurice-Richard Arena, which is where the hockey and ice skating events took place during the '76 Olympics. Despite that distinction the space wasn't all that big and the acoustics were fine and we were there early enough to grab a great spot(thank god we had floor seats).

The entire band ended In the Backseat with a goose bump inducing acapella finish.

The opening organ on Intervention shook all of my internal organs, but in a good way. You knew it was going to rock after just two notes.

My Body is a cage was another outstanding song. Win played the organ and sang from a raised platform behind the rest of the band, not unlike a preacher perched up in his pulpit.

Laika, which occurred towards the end, finally got the crowd moving and singing along. G! almost jumped over my head during the chorus.

One of my favorite songs is Tunnels, which they played.

The Merch was awesome! I know it's not hip to get excited about stuff like this but i love me a good concert t-shirt. It was a terrible tough choice. G! and I both got great shirts. They also had a great limited edition hoody, stickers, buttons, a bitchin messenger bag and every album and single on vinyl. It was a tad bit pricey but it was The Arcade Fire.

A short complaint:
The only gripe i have with the show has nothing too do with the band, i is with the crowd. I've been to shows in Montreal and have always found them a very polite bunch but the crowd at this show didn't perk up until the very end of the concert. I would have thought they would be going ape shit to see their hometown band. It might have something to do with the fact that there were two long lines to get in the door, one was marked Tickets/Billetts the other was marked Guest List.
I was a little disappointed that Will wasn't running wild the entire show, I remember him spending an entire song just literally running into the wall when I saw them at Stubb's. Apparently he has a lot of new musical duties that keep him from tormenting Richard or running into walls so in service to the music, I'll let it slide.
Just a few lines on the opener St. Vincent(Anne Clark) of Polyphonic Spree/Sufjan Stevens fame. She sounded great, I wasn't really feeling the first two songs that she did solo but when the full band came out things really picked up. I had no idea she could wail on guitar. She closed with a Jefferson Airplane cover that I can't remember the name of at the moment. Unfortunately St. Vincent suffered from the curse of most opening bands, the audience wasn't there to see her. You could tell that the majority of the crowd wasn't really paying attention but thems the breaks.

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