Monday, June 25, 2007

Wolfmother/ Cain's Tulsa, Ok

I spent a few days in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week and was able to catch Wolfmother at my favorite venue, The Cain's Ballroom. Wolfmother is a much louder and harder rocking band then i've been out to see in quite some time. I wasn't expecting too much from the show but was thoroughly blown away by the power of Wolfmother. While they don't have an extensive catalog to draw on they had a commanding presence on stage and sounded great. The pictures below say a lot.
You know you are going to be rocked when a band brings out a double necked guitar. That afro was made to be rocked back and forth in time to heavy Rock and Roll.
Yes sir, that is a Gibson flying V and it is rocking.
What's more rock than a flying kick from the bass drum? You can tell that this is the encore because the jacket has come off.
All in all this was the best hard rock show that i've been to in years. Try to catch this band if you can, they have a power and intensity that you've got to experience live. I won't even bitch about the $30 t-shirts because i'm sure they are using the money to buy more rocking guitars.
Hopefully Ryan will post some of the videos that he shot.

Download - Wolfmother - Dimension
Download - Wolfmother - The Joker and the Thief


Ryan said...

Pics came out better than I thought they would. Not to bad for how many beers Jimmy drank....

sumobeats said...

Rock and fuckin' roll... They have a concert on the 101 on directv right now.

Ryan said...

videos are on youtube